6 Expert Tips on How to Wash Your Hair Properly

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In this video, Beauty Within interviews Helen Reavey, a trichologist and hair stylist and founder of Act+ Acre, to discuss the proper way to wash and care for hair in the shower.

1. How water affects your hair

Helen explains that the type of water you use can affect your hair and scalp.

Hard water can make the scalp dry and the hair brittle, while soft water can lead to increased oil production and product build-up.

It is important to identify the type of water you have and adjust your routine accordingly.

2. Double cleansing

Helen emphasizes the importance of double cleansing, similar to the skincare routine for the face.

The first cleanse removes dirt and product build-up, while the second cleanse properly cleanses the scalp, balances oils, and delivers nutrients to the hair follicles.

However, if you wash your hair daily, a double cleanse may not be necessary.

3. How to properly cleanse your hair

She also provides tips on how to properly cleanse the hair. Helen suggests parting the hair and starting at the nape of the neck, focusing on the scalp rather than the hair itself.

After applying the shampoo, it is beneficial to let it sit for a few seconds before rinsing to ensure thorough cleansing.

By the second cleanse, the shampoo will lather better, indicating a clean scalp.

Shampoo and conditioner

4. Tips for conditioning

When it comes to conditioning, Helen recommends applying conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends, avoiding the roots, especially if you have dandruff.

Conditioning at the roots can lead to product build-up and scalp irritation.

5. Use a microfiber towel

After showering, Helen suggests using a microfiber hair towel to gently dry the hair to about 30-50% before combing.

It is important to avoid going to bed with wet hair, as it can create a breeding ground for bacteria. Twist drying the ends can help create heatless waves and prevent frizz.

6. Scalp treatments

Helen also introduces Act+ Acre's scalp treatments, such as scalp detox and scalp renew. These treatments help remove build-up, balance the scalp, and promote healthier hair.

Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of self-care, such as meditation and breathwork, to create balance inside and outside the body.

Six expert tips on how to wash your hair properly

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