Learn How to Accessorize Using Basic Pieces That Go With Any Outfit

Holly Power
by Holly Power

I’m going to be showing you my go-to accessories that I love to use when I am styling up different kinds of outfits.

The pieces that I’ll be using are pretty simple and go with a lot of different looks, yet they make a powerful impact when it comes to styling. We’re going to look at some belts, sunglasses, scarves, earrings, and much more.


Scarves are such a basic accessory and one that you can add so easily to any outfit. They’re really simple to style, but they can change up an outfit so much.

How to accessorize with a scarf

In terms of colors, I have the standard black and white, and then this one is a beautiful olive green. 

Brown scarf in a neutral tone

I also like this brown one in a fairly neutral tone as it complements my natural coloring.

Double-buckled belt as an accessory


Belts not only cinch your waist in and help define your figure, but they can also be a pretty accessory in any outfit. The one I’m wearing here is a high-waisted black belt that has two buckles at the front.

Every time I wear this belt, people are always asking me where I got it from.

Because it does have the double buckle, it’s not just a standard black belt, and it really dresses up quite a lot of my outfits.

So if I am going for something basic, I’ll chuck this belt on, and it makes such a massive difference.

Ways to accessorize with a belt

Styling a black studded belt with chains

Next, I have a black studded belt with chains that hang off it. I like to wear this belt with black denim jeans or short skirts. Every time I wear it, it gives me a skater girl kind of vibe, which I love.

Accessorizing with a brown beanie for winter


Moving onto hats, this is my brown beanie that is super cute. I love the little pompom on the top, and it looks great when worn with a big cozy coat.

How to accessorize with a hair clip

Hair accessories

Next, I have this massive hairclip. I wear this all the time, whether I’m just at home or I’m going out.

If I’ve done my hair, then I don’t really like tying it up in a ponytail because a ponytail will leave kinks in my hair.

This hairclip allows me to have my hair down but still kind of tied back and out of the way.

Sunglasses are a simple accessory


As you will see, I am a big fan of sunglasses and have quite the collection.

These ones are brown with a thicker band on the sides, so they are quite a statement piece. Whenever I want to hide away from the world, I’ll throw these on to cover my face a little bit.

Accessorizing with silver and black aviators

Next, I have some silver and black aviators. I really like the thin rims.

How to accessorize with sunglasses

This next pair actually lives in my bag, so I get a ton of use out of them. They are quite a round shape and have a gold rim.

How to choose jewelry for an outfit


Moving onto jewelry, here I’m wearing some hoop earrings that have a bit of pearl detail on them as well. I wear these ones all the time; they’re definitely my go-to hoops.

How to match jewelry with clothes

If I want to change it up a bit, I also have these ones here. I love these because they have so much color in them. So if I am going for more of a basic outfit, I’ll just throw these on to add a little bit more color. 

Learn how to accessorize with jewelry

If I am going out somewhere special, I will wear more statement earrings like this. I love the big open square at the bottom; it’s so glam.

How to accessorize with jewelry

I love this pair of statement earrings because they are a fun shape and have a large pearl at the bottom.

How to layer necklaces


When it comes to styling necklaces and bracelets, I love to create stacks. Here, I have this chunky gold necklace which I’ve paired with a thinner one of a longer length to create a stack.

I think that different gold necklaces look good when worn together and you can really combine as many as you like. Just make sure that they’re different lengths so that each necklace can be seen.

Accessorizing with single loose gold rings


I tend to wear a lot of gold jewelry as I think it looks very sophisticated. Here I’ve got quite a lot of single, loose gold rings.

Statement gold ring

This is more of a statement ring.

Thin bracelets can be stacked together


As I said, I also like to stack my bracelets. I have thin bracelets like this one here.

Thin gold bracelet with diamond studs

This one has diamond studs around it.

Learn how to accessorize

This one here is so unique because it looks like a long bent nail.

Learn how to accessorize

I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite accessories and learning how to accessorize with versatile pieces. They are pieces that I always go back to, as I am a creature of habit.

My advice to you is definitely to make use of your accessories because they really go a long way when styling different outfits.

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