Styling My Reversible Tory Burch Belt in Five Different Ways

Fab Sakker
by Fab Sakker

Belts are a great accessory to quickly elevate your look, and allow you to feel more put together. I’d like to show you a few different ways to style a belt using this one-inch Tory Burch leather belt. This belt is reversible, with one brown side and one black side, and gold hardware, so it’s very versatile. But of course, you can use any belt you’d like.

Tory Burch 1 inch belt

Classic summer look

Look 1

I’m wearing a chambray shirt with cute puff sleeves, paired with white denim shorts. With this outfit, I chose to wear the belt on the brown side. This is a clean and classic summer look that is immediately elevated with the addition of the belt. 

Chambray shirt and white jeans

Western chic outfit

Look 2

Here, I’m wearing high-waisted black jeans and black cowboy boots, paired with an Edwardian-inspired lightweight sweater from Zara. For white and blue denim, I prefer to use the brown side of the belt, but for dark wash or black jeans, the black side of the belt is the way to go. I love this outfit because it gives me these “Western chic” vibes, and I love how confident it makes me feel when I’m wearing it.

Tory Burch women’s belt

Winter outfit with cinched waist

Look 3

For a cold-weather look, a great way to style a belt is to cinch it over your coat. I chose my ice pink Burberry check scarf and a pink pea coat and wore the belt on the brown side to coordinate with the brown in the scarf. I love the gold hardware on this belt because it’s subtle and delicate and I feel like it adds an element to the outfit that just makes it seem more expensive. 

Women’s Tory Burch belts

I also think wearing a belt over your scarf is such a great look. I rarely see anyone styling their scarves like this, but putting a belt over everything helps to accentuate your waist, and also just practically, it prevents the scarf from flopping and flying around.

Preppy look with a belt

Look 4

A belt doesn’t always have to serve a practical purpose. It can be used as a decorative accessory, as well, as I used it in this outfit. I chose my go-to white button-down shirt, and a cute scallop-edged skirt. Then I added the belt and popped a cardigan over my shoulders to complete the look. 

Tory Burch 1 inch reversible belt

This look gives me some real dark academia aesthetic vibes, which is really popular right now, and it’s perfect for autumn. But I guess this look is actually “light academia” since nothing about it is dark.

Loose shift dress

Look 5

For this last look, I’ve used the belt to cinch in the waist of a loose shift dress. I know that idea is not groundbreaking, but I always forget the power of cinching in the waist of a dress. I had this beautiful flowy shift dress made from incredible fabric, but I don’t find myself wearing it that often because it is kind of shapeless.


Shift dress with belt

I added the belt, on the black side, and it immediately changed the look of the dress. It looked way more put together and professional, and it also pulled the hem of the dress up a bit, so the length suited me better. I was a little concerned about cinching the waist on this dress because it has a seam below the bustline, but I actually think it created a cool effect to have the seam above and the belt below it.

I hope you enjoyed these fun belted outfit ideas. Let me know which ones you’re going to try.

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