DIY Fabric Headband

3 Materials
30 Minutes
My friends are spoiled. I promised you no more posts on medical masks, but another friend of mine asked me to make her masks that attach to headbands. Cara’s a nurse, and she’s looking for some that fit comfortably. And did I mention that she’s my friend? So I stitched up some very cute fabric headband and mask sets for her and thought I may as well share the tutorial. Wear the headbands alone, or add a button for attaching a mask.
Using two complimentary fabric prints, cut 2 pieces on the fold for the larger headband piece, as shown below. The wide folded end measures 4 inches; the smaller end measures 2 inches; and the length of the side if 8 inches. Next cut two pieces on the fold for the smaller rectangular strap piece (also shown below).
Place the two headband pieces with right sides together and stitch the long sides, leaving the ends open. Repeat this process for the strap.
Turn the headband and the strap right side out, then press flat. And easy trick for turning the pieces right side out is to attach a large safety pin to one end piece, then push it inside and through the fabric strip, as shown below. 
For the strap, cut a piece of  elastic approximately 6″ long. Using a safety pin, run it through the fabric strap. Stitch one end of the strap closed, securing the elastic in place. Stitch over the seam again for extra reinforcement.
Now stitch the other end of the strap closed, securing the elastic. 
Turn the edges of each end of the headband towards the inside and press flat.
Next, place one end of the elastic strap inside the end of the headband; pin in place; then stitch together. Repeat this process for the other strap end.
*Tip: If the ends of the headband end up larger than the strap ends, just take a small pleat, as shown below, to make them fit.
If you plan to attach a mask to the headband, simply add a button about an inch above the strap. Do this for each side of the headband.
Sewing a mask is easy. Use my  tutorial to whip up an easy mask, and make it in a complimentary print to the headband! Be sure to use thin  elastic cording for the mask if attaching it to a headband. Below are some headband/mask sets I made for Cara. Now, don’t you agree – my friends are spoiled.
Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Elastic
  • Two buttons

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