This DIY Sleep Mask is All You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep.

Pam Oduor
by Pam Oduor
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30 Minutes

Some people can sleep with the lights turned on, and then there are those on the other side of the spectrum who need total darkness to fall asleep. If you’re an avid sleep mask lover, then you probably have a whole collection of them in your closet. Instead of going out and buying a new sleep mask every time, you just need 30 minutes, an old pair of jeans, and some elastic to make your own DIY sleep mask- no pattern needed!

Tools and materials:

  • Glasses case
  • Pair of old jeans
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Chalk
  • Elastic
Easy DIY sleep mask

Trace the pattern

Using your sunglasses or glasses case, trace the outline on your desired fabric piece. Next, add a little seam allowance around the whole pattern.

How to make a sleep mask

Measure the elastic

Wrap the elastic around the back of your head so that you can get a customized measurement. Where should the ends be? The elastic should end where your temples are, on each side.

Easy sleep mask

Cut out the pattern and sew

Pin both sides of the jeans and cut the fabric at the seam allowance line you just drew. You should have two separate pieces.

Sew a sleep mask

Next, turn the fabric right sides facing and mark with chalk where you want your elastic to be ( on each side of the mask).

Make a sleep mask

Slide your elastic inside the two pieces and pin each end in place.

How to sew a sleep mask

Sew around the whole sleep mask and leave a gap so that you can turn the sleep mask inside out.

Sleep mask tutorial

Once the mask is inside out, sew the gap closed by folding in the edges a little.

Stitch all around again

Sitch around the sleep mask again, giving it a clean finish.

Lovely and easy DIY face mask

I can’t see anything…..There you have it! A lovely sleep mask from an old pair of jeans. I love these kinds of projects because not only are you recycling old clothes, but you are making something functional and useful! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to sew a sleep mask as much as I enjoyed showing you! Sweet dreams!

Suggested materials:
  • Glasses case
  • Old jeans
  • Measuring tape
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