5 Minute Crafts – No Sew DIY Hair Scrunchies

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by I Heart Maggie

If you would like to make your own hair scrunchies but don’t own a sewing machine, fear not, I have a super easy 5 minute craft tutorial for making your own scrunchies. I was recently lucky to receive a box of craft supplies from UK brand Korbond, they make a fantastic range of haberdashery products, you might be familiar with their iconic blue and yellow packaging in stores.

In my package was some hemming web, usually saved for altering trouser lengths before the school year starts, this under-rated craft product is perfect for sewing projects, without the need for sewing!

What You Will Need

  • Korbond Hemming Web
  • Fabric
  • 6mm Flat Elastic
  • Iron/ EasyPress

How to Make

Take your fabric, this project is great for using up scraps as you can make scrunchies out of a piece of fabric 13 inches x 10 inches. Use your iron or EasyPress to get out all the creases so it is nice and flat.

Fold over one of the longest edges by 5mm and press flat with your iron to create a nice crisp edge

Spin your fabric round so the crisp edge is on the bottom, fold the longest cut edge into the middle, cut a length of hemming web, ensure it isn’t longer than your fabric or the webbing will fuse to your iron. Fold the pressed edge over the top so no hemming web is showing. Press the fabric for 20 seconds, check the hemming web is fused, then leave to fully cool.

Fold one of the rough cut edges of your newly formed tube inside itself and press with your iron.

Cut a length of elastic to 5 inches long, it should roughly be two-thirds of the length of your tube. Pass the elastic down your tube and tie with a double knot, trim any excess. I find it easier to press the elastic against the inside fabric with my thumb and push the fabric down over my thumb until the elastic comes out the top end.

On the cut end of your tube, wrap a length of hemming web around the top and carefully place inside the end you pressed, ensure your seams match up, you will want the full length hem on the inside of your scrunchies. When happy, press the seams together with your iron to seal.

It is as easy as that to make no sew scrunchies with hemming web, it literally took me 5 minutes to make my second one, once I had worked out how to do the first. I’m really happy with how these turned out, they are really durable and you can never have too many scrunchies, mine seem to always wander off.

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