How to Make a Scrunchie From Leftover Material

by Janel
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Who here is a 90’s baby?

I am, so I am pumped that all the trends and styles from the 90s are starting to return. One of those trends is the scrunchie, which I used to rock. Today, I have a hair scrunchie DIY. It’s super simple to make, inexpensive, and uses very few materials.

So, let me show you how to make a scrunchie!

Tools and materials:

  • Scrap material
  • Elastic
  • Safety pin
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine
Strip of fabric

First scrunchie design

1. Measure and cut

Take your fabric and cut a piece that is 16 x 4 inches long.

Folded fabric

2. Fold your fabric

Fold your fabric lengthwise with the right sides touching.

Stitching along the length

3. Stitch along the length

Use your sewing machine to stitch along the length of the fabric to create a tube. You can also hand-stitch the fabric together.

Stitching fabric

Make sure that you don’t sew right to the edge, you need around a 3/8-inch seam allowance. 

Turning fabric tube the right side out

4. Turn your tube right side out

Now, turn the fabric tube right side out.

Tip: If the tube is narrow, use a chopstick, pencil, or safety pin to help pull it through.

Attaching ends

5. Attach the short ends together

Fold the tube in half so the two short ends meet. 

Lining up the seams

Line up the seams of the short end, right sides together.

Sewing the seams together

Sew the seams together, leaving an opening where you will insert the elastic on one side and pull it through the other side. 

Inserting the elastic

6. Insert elastic and stitch the ends together

Cut a piece of elastic and attach a safety pin to one end. 

Feeding elastic through the tube

Feed the strip of elastic through one end of the tube, making sure the elastic doesn’t twist up inside.  

Bringing elastic through the other side of the tube

Bring the elastic up through the other side of the tube. The fabric tube should naturally scrunch up around the elastic.

Now, sew the two ends of the elastic together with a needle and thread.

Snipping off excess elastic

Cut off the excess elastic.

Stitching tube closed

Fold the open edges of the fabric in and stitch the tube closed.  

Completed DIY scrunchie

Here is the DIY scrunchie adorning the bottom of my braid.

This was such an easy DIY hair accessory that I think I’ll have to show you a second option.

Second scrunchie design

DIY velvet hair scrunchie

So, for the second hair scrunchie DIY, I thought I would show you how to make a scrunchy using velvet. 

Folding velvet

All the steps are the same, the difference is I made the velvet hair scrunchies with a 5 x 18-inch piece of fabric instead of 4 by 16 inches. 

Stitching velvet

Again, I’m just going to fold the fabric and take it through my sewing machine to stitch up the long side 

Stitching velvet

This time around I used my machine to sew the short sides together, leaving that hole where the elastic is inserted.

Inserting elastic

Insert your elastic through one end of the hole and pull it through and out of the other end.

Stitching ends together

Time to stitch the two ends of elastic together and snip off the excess.

Sewing up the hole

Finish off by sewing up the hole where we inserted the elastic.

How to make a scrunchie

Here is the gorgeous velvet hair scrunchie framing my bun. The perfect finish to my hairdo.

Now you know how to make a scrunchie. If you're digging this style, please let me know what other trends you're enjoying this season. Who knows maybe it'll be something that I DIY in the future!

Suggested materials:
  • Scrap material
  • Elastic
  • Safety pin
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