No Need to Buy Headbands - Learn How to Make Your Own!

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Knot headbands are all the rage right, and they are surprisingly easy to make yourself! So easy that once I show you how I make mine, you'll probably want to make one to match every outfit! Check out my tutorial below to get started on your own today!

Tools and materials:

  • Piece of fabric (you’ll need to cut a 70x15cm [27.5x6 inch] rectangular piece). You can either buy a new piece or alternatively take a piece from an old item of clothing for a great upcycled look.
  • Plain headband (medium thickness)
  • Needle and thread
How to make a knot headband

Cut and fold

You will first need to cut out a 70x15cm [27.5x6 inch] rectangle. Then fold it in half lengthways and fold in half again widthways. 

Topknot headband

Tie a knot

Find the middle of both the material and the headband and tie a knot around the headband.

DIY knot headband

Pin the material

Place pins to mark where the knot ends. Then carefully untie the knot but be sure to keep the pins in place.


Safety pins are best to use. 

Make a knot headband

Sew the sides

Sew the long sides using a blanket stitch. The middle part (between the two pins) you’ll need to leave open in order to later slot the headband inside the fabric and tie the knot. Be sure not to sew this middle part up.

Hair accessory DIY

Turn it

Now you need to turn the material right-side out so that the stitching is on the inside.

Tie a knot

Twist knot headband

Tie and slide

As before, tie a knot around the middle of the headband. Then slide the sides of the headband into the sewn sections.

Knotted bow headband

Secure the knot

Stitch around the knot to keep it firmly in place; we don’t want it wobbling around.

Make it yourself hairband

Trim off excess

On both ends, trim off the excess fabric and tuck it in.

Sew hair accessory

Sew the ends

To finish the piece, sew the end closed. Repeat the same steps on the other side.

DIY headband

Your DIY knot headband is now complete, and it will definitely impress! This accessory is so seamless that people will be asking you which store you bought it in.Which other DIY hair accessories have you made? Comment below!

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Plain headband
  • Needle
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