Beginning Guide to Style a Hat

A beginning guide to style a hat. Isn’t that what we all feel we need when we feel uncomfortable with an item? Since hats can be such a functional piece in our wardrobe, I wanted to explore this idea. Thus, here are 4 tips that will make hat wearing easy.

I’m also including two ideas on the blog for those of you who still may not want to wear a hat at all.

Start with a Plain, Neutral Hat

To start your hat wearing journey, I always suggest a plain, natural colored hat that won’t stick out as much or scream “look at me.” Isn’t that what we are all scared of with hats?? That “look at me” phenomenon? Don’t worry, everyone is looking at their phones anyways. And if they do notice your hat, they will compliment it!

Insider tip: Once you’ve gotten used to this step with this hat, it’s easy to add more interest by tying a scarf around the band area. You can see how  Lesley has done this in the past. And it works with almost any shape of scarf.

The Low Profile Hat

The lower profile hats are a great step when you are just starting to wear these accessories. Since they don’t stick up as much, they aren’t the first thing that everyone notices. A couple of options would be a newsboy hat, baseball cap or even a beret.

Insider tip: Make sure to check out the men’s section for hats too. If they are a tad too big, then just slap in a piece of  hat tape to make them fit.

Style a Hat with the Same Color

The idea to match the color of your hat to your top can be a great way to have it seem like that hat is a perfect part of the outfit.

Insider tip: Don’t think you have to spend a ton of money to have hats of different colors. I’ve found many of my hats at thrift stores.

Keep Accessories Minimal

Another thought for a beginner in styling hats would be to keep the rest of your accessories small. In the example above, I didn’t wear a necklace or large earrings. Again, this is not a rule for all hat wearing, but a suggestion to make them feel easier to wear at first.

Still Don’t Feel Comfortable Wearing a Hat?

If that's the case, I have 2 options you might prefer better on my blog.

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