How to: Make Your Own Fur Bucket Hat

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Today we will be making a faux fur bucket hat - perfect for the winter. It’s been pretty chilly out lately, so I am excited to start pulling out that winter wardrobe.

Tools and materials:

Faux fur bucket hat

Cut out your fabric 

Using the faux fur I got from Walmart and the pattern I got from The Essentials Club on YouTube, I am going to measure out my fur. First, I’m going to pin the pattern onto the fabric and use scissors to cut out the pieces. Try and cut the fabric without cutting the actual fur! 

Brown fur bucket hat

When cutting the brim and headband, fold the pattern over and cut through - this time cutting the fur is unavoidable. Cut out four pieces of the brim and two pieces of the headband. 

How to sew a fur bucket hat

Cut out the lining 

Using an old t-shirt, measure out two headband pieces and one circle top.

Easy fur bucket hat

Sew the fur 

Separate the brim pieces into two groups and stack them, right sides together. Repeat with the headband. Pin the edges together to secure and sew.

DIY fur bucket hat

Sew the lining 

Pin the lining together and then sew - you are connecting the headband piece to the top circle piece. 

How to make a fur bucket hat

Create the top piece 

Take the sewed headband and flip it inside out - so the fur is on the inside. Then, place the top piece over the headband, with the fur facing inward as well. Start by pinning the edge by the side seams and then continue all the way around. While your pinning, make sure you are pushing all the fur to the inside so that it doesn’t get sewed down. Next, sew the pieces together using a straight stitch. 

Align the seams

Connect the brim

Take one of the brim pieces and match its side seams with the side seams on the top piece. Make sure the right sides are together. Pin the pieces together starting from the side seams and then work your way around. Sew it down with a straight stitch. Repeat the same steps to connect the lining to the second brim piece. 

Finish the hat

Connect the hat to the lining 

Place the lining piece over the hat, right sides together. Align the seams. Next, pin around the hate - starting at the side seams - leaving a gap to turn the hat right side out after it’s sewed. Use a straight stitch to sew all around. Once that’s done, pull the hat right side out through the gap you left. To close the gap, fold the edges over and pin them together (you should be able to see a small lip). Sew on the edge and cut off the excess fabric to finish! 

Finished bucket hat

To finish up just pull the fur out to make it look a little messy - this will make the hat look more natural. I ended up cutting some of the fur shorter, but you could keep it longer if that’s what you like. Overall, I’m super happy with how this turned out and hope you guys enjoyed this DIY fur bucket hat!

How to clean faux fur

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Suggested materials:
  • Faux fur
  • Bucket hat pattern   (
  • Scissors
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