Finding the Right Necklace or Scarf “Jersey Girl Knows Best “

Jersey Girl Knows Best
by Jersey Girl Knows Best
3 Materials
5 Minutes

Sometimes all you have to do is play dress up to find the best accessory for your outfit! That is exactly what I did and I found some great option

Here is my navy blue dress that I love, but I still have times where I find it hard to figure out what accessory to where with it. In this photo, I added my bib pearl necklace. I like to change things up and wear different accessories for fear of boredom. The white color really pops on this navy blue dress.

Okay one of my all time favorites is adding a belt to my outfits. This a leather adjustable belt that works perfectly with this dress. It gives this outfit more texture and it fits perfectly at the seam. What do you think about belts as accessories?!

We wear scarfs with shirts. Why not with dresses?! Dnt you just love z as good scarf?! I love the geometric pattern of this scarf and the different colors. I think it compliments the solid navy blue in the dress. I think it really pops! It make the dress more casual and inviting. I hope you enjoyed my style accessories for this dress! Stay tuned for more style tutorials!

Suggested materials:
  • Bibb necklace   (New York & Company)
  • Leather belt   (Banana Republic)
  • Geometric scarf   (Dollar Tree)

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