Multiple Ways to Style Your Necklace

3 Materials
2 Minutes

If you’re lucky enough to have a multi-strand, traditional neckpiece, here are some new ways to wear it.

Some are more formal than others, but they’re all fun. See what I did!

Tools and materials:

  • Multi-strand necklace
  • Safety pins
  • Hair grips
Regular necklace style

1. Regular necklace

A classic styling that looks stunning with a simple low neckline.

We’ve all worn it this way, I’m sure!

Epaulette style

2. Epaulette

Pin the open necklace to the front and back of your neckline, centered over one shoulder.

A stylish and unexpected look that makes the most of the design.

Hair accessory

3. Hair accessory

Use grips to pin it to the back of your hair, with the center jewel falling over your forehead.

Striking, but with a traditional flair.

Skirt trim

4. Skirt trim

I love wearing it pinned to the top of my skirt like this. It really accentuates a slim waist.

Wearing necklace backward

5. Backward

Pin it to the sides of a low backed top. It looks so classy and elegant draping down your back like this.

Front draped necklace

6. Front drape

You can use the same idea at the front of your bodice.

Instead of fastening it around your neck, pin it to the sides of your neckline, so it hangs wider and lower.

It could even look like part of the original neckline.

Multiple ways to style your necklace

Multiple ways to style your necklace

One neckpiece and six very different looks. Which one is your favorite? Can you come up with any more ideas?

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Suggested materials:
  • Multi-strand necklace
  • Safety pins
  • Hair grips

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