How to Turn Your Long Sleeve Into a Summer-friendly Top

2 Materials
5 Minutes

There’s usually no way to wear your lovely silky long sleeved top in summer. Unless of course you turn it into a sexy backless halter top. Check this out!

Tools and materials:

  • Silky button through shirt
  • Rubber band
Wrapping shirt

1. Button through

You'll need a long-sleeved button-through shirt.

Hold it in front of you with the inside of the shirt facing you and the sleeves over your shoulders.

Grab hold of the lower corners of the shirt.


2. Tie

Take the bottom corners around to the back and tie them together at your waist.


3. Twist

Twist each sleeve around itself to make a spiral strap.

Place the sleeve over the opposite shoulder, so they cross in the front.

Making halter neck

4. Make halter neck

Tie the two sleeves together behind your neck, to make a halter top.


5. Gather

Gather the excess material together in front, just below the straps. Hold it together with one hand.

Making rosette

6. Make rosette

Place a rubber band over the base of the gathered material.

Fan the material out to make a rosette or flower shape.

How to turn your long sleeve into a summer-friendly top

How to turn your long sleeve into a summer-friendly top

Your button through has a new lease of life, as a stylish, comfortable halter top.

How to turn your long sleeve into a summer-friendly top

And it looks just as good from the back as the front. 

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Suggested materials:
  • Silky button-through shirt
  • Rubber band

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