Change up Your Look With These Ten Ways to Style Your Jeans This Fall

Gloria Gao
by Gloria Gao

I haven’t always been a fan of jeans. They’re just so common and I tend to be a bit of a rebel. In the end, though, I gave in, because, well, jeans. They’re just too easy to refuse to ever wear them. I like to style them in different and fun ways, though, so in this tutorial, I’ll show you ten different ways to style your jeans that are perfect for fall.

Fall jeans


The first look is what I would wear if I wanted to pretend I was going to a Chanel fashion show. I paired the jeans with a white pussy-bow silk blouse. I find that mixing a dressy item with a casual one makes for an elegant look. Over the blouse, I put on a white tweed Chanel-inspired jacket. I matched a black bucket hat to some black heeled booties and finished the look off with a black flat bag.

How to wear jeans in fall

Chanel 2.0

In my fantasy, I had so much fun at the last Chanel fashion show that I’m going again. This time, I swapped the blouse for a black wool sweater as my base layer. Over it, I put on a black and white tweed cropped jacket and buttoned it up. The black belt that matches the same black boots added a level of effort to my look. I finished off the look with the same hat and flat bag as before. 

Fall outfits with jeans

Gucci Style

Time to switch designers. For a Gucci style vibe, I decided to wear my jeans with a crisp white shirt, tucked in. Over the shirt, I added a plaid blazer. I threw a headscarf on around my head and tied it in the back, 1970s hippie style. I kept on the same black boots and put on a pair of black sunglasses and, since I don’t own a Gucci bag, I finished the look off with a Louis Vuitton purse. 

Fall jean outfits

Wear it with a trench coat

I think I’m going to stop offending designers now. For this next look, I wore a black turtleneck sweater and layered a blue striped shirt on top of it, tucked in. Over the blue shirt, I put on a beige trench coat, leaving out the collar of the blue shirt to create some visual interest. I finished the look by tying up my hair and throwing on some cool black shades.

Jeans fall 2020

Throw on a coat

For a less extra look, I again started off with a black turtleneck sweater. I added a black belt and threw on a tailored caramel wool coat. I love this coat, it effortlessly makes any simple outfit look super polished. Black leather gloves, black shades, black boots, and, you guessed it, a black everyday bag finish off this look. 

Fall 2020 jean trends

High tea with your bestie

This is the outfit I would wear when having high tea with my bestie. Yes, those are real plans that I’ve had. I started off with a white, cashmere, turtleneck sweater and finally switched out my shoes to a pair of matching white loafers. Over the sweater, I threw on my new cashmere cardigan. To clean up the look, I tied my hair back into a bun and added a pair of gold hoop earrings and a gold necklace. Lastly, I rolled up my jeans and put on a pair of white sunglasses, as well as a white baguette bag. I’ve been so excited to wear this outfit combo, so I’m super digging it. 

Cute fall outfits with jeans

French outfit

For a french style outfit, I started off with the same white turtleneck as the last look and switched out my white loafers for a pair of black ones. French girls love wearing oversized jackets, so I added an oversized black blazer over the sweater. I tied a navy and red silk scarf around my neck in a french knot. To complete the look, I placed a pair of black shades on my head and grabbed a burgundy baguette bag.

How to style jeans for fall

Earthy colors

Back in reality, I decided to wear my jeans with a caramel turtle neck sweater. The earthy color keeps the outfit grounded, which is necessary because the white boots I chose aren’t the most practical. To match the boots, I chose a white faux fur coat and some white sunglasses, as well as a white baguette bag. To finish off the look I tied back my hair and added some gold hoop earrings.

Ways to style jeans

Tough look

For a tougher look that matches a strong personality, I chose a black and white striped turtleneck shirt. To go with the tougher look, I chose a pair of black combat boots and rolled up my jeans so they were more visible. Next up is a black leather jacket and a black belt to match. Completing this look are a black sports cap and a large black bag. 

Fall jeans styles

Hipster look

For the last look, I started with a black thermal top tucked into my jeans. Over it, I layered a black mock neck sweater. A black beanie, a peace symbol bag, and a pair of aviator sunglasses really add to the hipster vibe.

Outfits with jeans

Autumn outfits with jeans

There you go, everyone. These are all such fun ways to wear your jeans, and they’ve definitely helped me in my journey to love wearing jeans. The different combinations of layers and accessories each tell a totally different story with its own vibe. I’m obsessed with all the ways you can rock a single pair of jeans. What’s your favorite outfit with jeans? Let me know in the comments below! 

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