2 New Ways to Style Your Belt

by Rachel

I love wearing pieces in unexpected ways and that includes belts! In the video below, I'm sharing two ways you can wear your belts to add a little extra punch to your style.

View the full video here or follow along step-by-step below!

For tie belts: 

Wrap it around you and pull one side longer.

Tie once.

Next start to double knot it, creating a loop as you pull through.

Tighten it, but don't pull all the way through so the loop remains.

Voila! You have created a cool architectural detail to add a little unique and stylish flair to your look!

Using a traditional belt: 

Start by buckling your belt as you normally would.

Loop the tail up and under the belt.

Then tuck it back down through the hole you just created.

You can play around with it, wearing it to either side or in the center for another cool detail to set you apart.


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