Beautiful Scarf Rose Tutorial

by Theheadwrapsocialite

In this video, I show you how to take a silk scarf and tie it into a beautiful rose. Easy tutorial for when you want to try a unique twist using a silk scarf. Easy and elegant.

How to Tie a Scarf into Le Rose

First take a Medium Silk Scarf one that is square and roughly 16inches in length and width (the scarf can always be larger...but I've found that this size works well). Take and fold it in half to form a triangle...tip to tip.

Next take the scarf and double knot it where the triangle meets at the top.

Then you are going to place your right arm through the knot at the that the knot rests on the top of your right arm.

With your left arm go through the middle of the triangle and grab the right end of the scarf and hold it in your right hand.

Now with your left hand you are going to grab the left end of the scarf that is still free and twist the scarf two times.

After that you will need to bring the right arm back through the loop (while still holding the end of the scarf in your right hand).... pulling the right and left sides of the scarf at the same time.

The finished product is Le Rose. I hope you had just as much fun trying this scarf styling technique as I did showing it! XO

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