How to Make a DIY Bucket Hat Without a Sewing Machine (Free Pattern)

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We are so excited to share this free DIY bucket hat pattern from the Essentials Club! Sewing a bucket hat isn’t hard at all! In fact, we sewed this DIY bucket hat entirely by hand - no sewing machine needed.

If you’ve been wanted to learn how to make a bucket hat - this DIY bucket hat tutorial is for you. Let us show you how to make your own bucket hat in just about an hour.

Tools and materials:

DIY bucket hat free pattern

1. Make the pattern

Print out and cut the pattern. Fold the fabric and lay the pattern pieces as directed on the pattern instructions.

How to make a bucket hat using a pattern

Trace the pattern on to the fabric.

Folded DIY bucket hat pattern pieces

Cut out all the pieces. Unfold your pieces.

DIY bucket hat pattern

You should have 4 brims, 1 circle, and 2 headbands

Sewing the headband for the bucket hat

2. Sew the headband

Place your headband pieces right sides together. Sew the two small sides on either side. You’ll have a circle headband.

Attaching the top of the hat

3. Attach the top of the hat

Lay the circle down with the right sides facing up towards you. Lay the headband on top, all around the top of the hat.

You’ll want to sew the seams on the wrong side so make sure your right sides are facing each other. Pin the edges of the circle to the headband to keep it neat so it doesn’t move around.

How to sew a bucket hat

Take your time sewing this together as it can be a bit challenging, especially if you are new to sewing.

Make your own bucket hat

Once it’s sewn, turn it right side out. It will look a lot better because all the seams will be on the inside.

Brim pattern pieces

4. Sew the brim

Lay the brim pieces one on top of the other so you have 2 brim pieces with 2 pieces right sides together.

Sewing the brim of the bucket hat

Sew along the long curved side.

Sewing the brim pieces

Open them up and place them right sides together. Sew along the short ends.

Sewing the ends together

Start with the first side and then do the second side. Turn it right side out and push out all the corners.

How to make a bucket hat

Use your hands to make it as sharp as possible.

Attaching the brim to the bucket

5. Attach the brim to the bucket

Place the hat into the brim. Align the raw edge of the brim to the hat.

Pinning and sewing the bucket hat

Pin in place and sew together along the edge.

Turning the DIY bucket hat right side out

Once you’re done, turn it right side out.

Marking around the brim of the bucket hat

6. Finishing touch

Mark around the brim at ¼ and ½ inches from the brim edge.

Sewing at intervals to stabilize the bucket hat

Sew along these guidelines. These stitches help to stabilize the hat and make it even prettier!

DIY bucket hats

DIY bucket hat tutorials

You can make these diy bucket hats in different fabrics to suit different outfits! We hope we showed you how to sew a bucket hat that’s perfect for spring and summer!

How to wear a DIY bucket hat

Please let us know in the comments if you made this and even better, share photos of you in your DIY bucket hats!

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Suggested materials:
  • Bucket hat pattern from the Essentials Club
  • ½ yard medium weight fabric (do not use a flimsy fabric)
  • Needle and thread: coordinating and/or contrasting
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