Fun Holiday DIY ‘s That Make Perfect Gifts

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There’s something about the holiday season that makes me want to craft. Maybe it’s the colder weather, the hot chocolate, and the Christmas movies, but I want to make everything. And I don’t just mean cookies, I want to make Holiday DIY ‘s that can double as gifts. More than just a nice card with a cold tin box of cookies. I’ve done some fun Holiday DIY ‘s that make better gifts than pure sugar (or at least I think). Check them out below.

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2 Holiday DIY ‘s

Holiday DIY T-Shirt Pocket

I mentioned the t-shirt pocket in my  Christmas pj post. I hand sew 7 pocket tees to wear for my families annual Christmas brunch. They were a total hit! With just 3 easy steps you can make a pocket tee too.

Materials: Red T-Shirt // Holiday Fabric

One // Cut out a pocket from your desired fabric. (Use the template from for sizing and shape).

Two // Fold edges (roughly to where dotted line in template is). Iron edges so they hold their crease throughout the rest of the process.

Three // Follow instructions from iron-on to attach adhesive to folded inside edges. (Note: Only cover fabric folds with iron-on material or else the pocket will not be functional! Also note: do not attach to the top of the pocket).

Four // Peel off the remaining back sticker of the adhesive and place on shirt. Iron to create bond.

Optional: Sew the 3 outer edges of the pocket to the shirt. (Iron-on material works great, but will eventually wear off. You can create a more permanent bond by sewing the edges after you’ve ironed the pocket to the tee).

Infinity Scarf

This DIY does require some sewing (or if you want, the iron on adhesive again). But overall it is really simple to create. Just follow these few simple steps.

Materials: Flannel Fabric

One // Choose the fabric that you wish to make the scarf out of. I chose a flannel material because it seemed most appropriate for a holiday DIY.

Two // Cut the fabric to your desired length. (I used a yard and a half of fabric since I’m not a multiple loop girl. This comes out to roughly 36 inches by 18 inches). If you’re looking for a more classic double loop infinity scarf go with 60 inches by 20 inches.

Three // Fold in half (lengthwise/ hot dog style) so the back of the fabric shows and sew along the long edge.

Four // Turn the fabric inside out and sew the ends together. In order to create a more seamless connection fold over the ends of the fabric to hide any rough edges. Then sew through the layers.

Suggested materials:
  • Red Shirt   (
  • Holiday Fabric   (
  • Flannel Fabric   (

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