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This adorable DIY coin purse tutorial is perfect for coins, pills, or other small important items. You can use all sorts of fabric scraps to make it. Follow along to learn how to make a coin purse!

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric 
  • Fusible fleece
  • Snaps - 9.5mm size
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Pen
  • Snap insertion tool/mallet
DIY coin purse pattern

1. Cut the fabric and fusible fleece

Cut the fabric 

  • 4 pieces 5⅛ x 3⅛ inches for the outside and lining
  • 2 pieces 3⅛ x 2½ inches
  • 2 pieces 4⅛ x 1⅜ inches

Cut the fusible fleece

  • 1 piece 2⅜ x 1¾ inches 
  • 1 piece 3⅜ x ⅝ inches 
  • 2 pieces 4⅜ x 2⅜ inches 
Folding the fusible fleece pieces in half

2. Make the closure piece

Fold a piece of fusible fleece in half.

Rounding the edges of the fusible fleece

Round the edges and place it on the bottom of the piece that is 3⅛ x 2½ inches, with the fabric facing right side down.

Ironing the fusible fleece to the fabric

Iron the fusible fleece in the center of the fabric.

Place the second 3⅛ x 2½ inch piece and put it on top of the piece with the fusible fleece.

How to make a fabric coin purse

Mark the size of the fusible fleece ⅜ inches in from the edge of the fabric.

Sewing the 2 fabric pieces together

Pin the 2 pieces of fabric together, right sides facing. Sew together. Round the seam allowance edges. 

Snipping the seam allowance

Cut small triangles on the rounded ends in the seam allowance. 

Turning the fabric right sides out

Turn it right side out. 

Sewing the DIY coin purse close to the edge

Then, sew it as close to the edge as possible.

DIY small coin purse

It will look like this.

Placing fusible fleece on the fabric

3. Make the bottom

Take one of 4⅛ x 1⅜ inch pieces and put the fusible fleece that is 3⅜ x ⅝ inches in the center on the wrong side. 

Ironing the fusible fleece

Iron them together. Set it aside for now.

How to make a small coin purse

4. Make the bag 

Lay 2 of the larger pieces of fusible fleece (4⅜ x 2⅜ inches) and mark them ⅝ inches on either side. 

Cutting the marks on the fusible fleece

Mark that point and draw a diagonal line. Repeat for the other piece of fusible fleece. Cut out both of the marked triangles. 

Fusing the fabric to the fleece by ironing

Lay 2 pieces of the 5⅛ x 3⅛ inch fabric right side down. Place the trimmed fusible fabric in the center. Iron each one of them.

DIY coin purse tutorial

Take the other 2 pieces of fabric and lay right side in. Mark by ⅜ inches on either side of the angled edges. 

How to make a coin purse

Cut these off for both pieces.

How to sew a fabric coin purse

Separate the pieces so the ones without fusible fleece are on the side. 

Making a DIY coin purse

Take the small rectangle together with the larger pieces of fusible fleece. Lay the small rectangle right side down so both right sides are facing each other. 

How to sew a small coin purse

Leave ⅜ inches at the edge at the bottom. 

Sewing the DIY coin purse on a sewing machine

Sew with a straight stitch. 

Making a DIY small coin purse

You should be able to fold it over. 

Placing the fusible fleece onto the fabric

Lay the second piece of fusible fleece directly on top of the edge of the sewn rectangle. 

It won’t be flush with the top part of the other large piece. Pin it. 

How to sew a coin purse

Then sew also with ⅜ inch from the bottom.

DIY small coin purse tutorial

It should look like this.

Folding the right sides in

Fold the right sides in but lengthwise. On one side, snip at the fold at the top.

Folding the fabric ready to snip

Fold the small sewn top lengthwise and snip at the top of the fold.

Clipping the small tab in place ready to sew

Place the small sewn tab at the top center where you cut at the fold. Clip in place. Sew only that part together.

Clipping the ends of the DIY coin purse

Fold the right sides in. Clip the ends. 

How to easily make a DIY coin purse

Make sure the rectangular bottom is folded inward. 

Leaving seam allowance ready to sew

Sew leaving a ⅜-inch seam allowance on the diagonal line.

Rounding the edges at the seam allowance

Round the edges at the seam allowance. 

Turning the fabric

Turn it right side out.

Making the lining for the DIY coin purse

5. Lining

Take 2 larger pieces and 1 rectangle. Lay the rectangle on one of the pieces of fabric with the right sides facing in. Sew them together leaving a ⅜-inch seam allowance. 

Sewing the lining pieces together

Then sew the second large piece at the edge of the rectangle, right side in, with a ⅜-inch seam allowance. 

Lining for the DIY coin purse

It should look like this.

Folding the seam allowances together

Fold the seam allowances to meet so the rectangle is folded inward. Clip them together. 

Clipping the lining ready to sew

Sew with a ⅜-inch seam allowance on both sides in a diagonal line. 

Rounding the edges of the lining fabric

Round the edges on the seam allowance.

Placing the lining into the DIY coin purse

Place the sewn bag with the flap into the lining. Line up the seams. 

DIY coin purse step by step tutorial

Mark the inside, leaving space to turn it right side out. 

Sewing the top of the bag with an opening

Sew the entire top of the bag except for the space area with a ⅜-inch seam allowance. Sew the opened seam allowance down. Use your finger in the open space to turn the coin purse inside out.

Clipping the lining to the outside

Clip the lining to the outside. 

Sewing across the top edges

Sew the entire top across the edge as close to the edge as possible.

Clipping the sides of the DIY coin purse

Turn the bag inside out again. Clip the sides in. 

Easy DIY coin purse tutorial

Sew them down about ⅜ inch. Turn it inside out again.

Clipping the corners ready for sewing

Fold the sides inward. Clip 4 corners for sewing. 

Sewing the corners downward

Sew each corner downward about halfway down.

Folding the top closure down

6. Attach the snap

Fold the top closure part down. 

Measuring and marking where the clasp will go

Measure and mark the spot.

Making the closure for the DIY coin purse

Apply the button snap so the prongs go through the fabric. 

Snapping the closure in place

Use the snap tool together with a mallet to snap into place. Do the same for the bottom snap.

DIY coin purses

DIY coin purse tutorial

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this DIY coin purse tutorial. Let me know in the comments if you’re planning to make it.

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Fusible fleece
  • Snaps - 9.5mm size
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  • Gigi Gigi on Oct 13, 2021

    I definitely see making these for school backpacks for my grandkids for Christmas. I would add a loop for a split ring though I’m not sure which step to include the loop. Thanks for the exact tutorial.

  • Jessicah Jessicah on Oct 17, 2021