How to Create a 1970s Headscarf Look

Kastle W
by Kastle W

The 1970s vintage trend is all the rage lately. The look harkens back to a time when long hair flowed and clothes were bold, colorful and creative. I have a collection of vintage '70s clothes and my biggest question is always what to do with my hair. The Farrah Fawcett feathered wings isn't a look I'm willing to sport, so I've turned to another '70s icon: Rhoda Morgenstern from the hit TV show, " The Mary Tyler Moore Show". She rocked headscarves like nobody else and they always looked stylish. I put together a couple of looks using Tootie's Turbans Originals with long scarf ties to show how to create a 1970s headscarf look.

1970s Headscarf Tied in the Back


For this look, you don't have worry about where your hair is parted, just let it hang freely or put it behind your ears if that's more comfortable. If you're using one of Tootie's Turbans, place the runched seam in the middle of your forehead. Wrap the tails crisscross around the front. The tails will cover the little elastic seam. Then tie in a knot in the back at the nape of the neck and let the tails hang loose. 


For a regular, large scarf, fold it into a triangle and put the middle of the longest part on your forehead. Put the middle corner in the back of your head and wrap the long corners around the side and tie in the back. You may need a couple of bobby pins to hold in place.


For this look I wore a vintage 1970s knit dress with a chevron print A-line skirt.

1970s Headscarf Tied on the Side


Give yourself more of a hippie look with this style that features the headscarf tails twisted around the front and back of the head, then tied and hanging long on the side. 

To create, put your Tootie's Turban on with the tails on the opposite side you plan to tie it on. Twist one tail across the back of your head and the other across the forehead, then tie at the side and let them hang long down the neck and shoulder.


For a regular, large scarf, repeat the steps above but turn it to the side. If the scarf is long enough to wrap around your head twice, twist the long corners before you tie them so they look like a decorative rope around your head.


For this look, I wore a vintage 1970s filet lace top and A-line denim midi skirt.

Now that you know how to create a 1970s headscarf look, will you be trying out the 1970s trend?


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