How to Create a Retro 1950s Headscarf Look

Kastle Waserman
by Kastle Waserman

Headscarves have been in and out of fashion throughout the decades. Fans of the TV show, " I Love Lucy" know that headscarves were frequently seen on Lucy Ricardo's character and became an iconic look for the period.

I'm going to show you how to create a similar period look using Tootie's Turbans headscarves. I love these accessories because they fit better than just using a regular scarf, which can be hard to tie just right and slide off without pinning in place. Tootie's headscarves conform to the head with some superb tailoring and have "tails" to tie in multiple ways. Plus, some are reversible prints, so it's like getting two in one.

Here's how to create some retro 1950’s headscarf look.

1950s Pinup Style Retro Headscarf Look Tied in Front

Rockabilly and pinup fashion often includes a headscarf. It’s been used to cover pin curls, and works as an easy updo. Hair can be worn down or pulled up into the scarf. If you have bangs, you can have them peeking out or sweep a front section of hair into a big pin curl, often known as a "victory roll" or "suicide roll." This look works great with a 1950s-style fit and flare swing dresses or even more casual looks like capri pants or jeans. Here I wore a vintage sundress with a classic 1950s silhouette.

To create, take your Tootie's Turban, I used one with a reversible print and put it on like a cap, positioning the tails in front. Then tie into a knot or bow. You can fluff the tails for a bigger look.

1950s Pinup Style Retro Headscarf Look - Tied on the side

Wear your headscarf to the side to create another fun retro look. For this one, I pulled my hair into a side ponytail and paired it with a vintage reproduction swing dress.

To create, take your Tootie's Turban and put it on so the tails are on the side and down low on the head near the ear. Tie into a simple knot and let the tails hang down the neckline.

More about Tootie's Turbans

Vintage clothing enthusiast Kristie Kavon and her mom Rosemary, also known as "Tootie" created Tootie's Turbans for  The Hop Shop. Little did Kristie know when she started selling them, she would soon be diagnosed with a brain tumor, and her turbans came in handy to cover her head after surgery. The turbans found a dual purpose - a stylish way to create vintage looks and a way to make those going through a life challenge of hair loss feel more beautiful. They donate a percentage of the sales to The American Brain Tumor Association.

Now that you know how to create a retro 1950s headscarf look, what retro or contemporary looks can you create?

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