The Art of Scarfs

by Emilie
2 Materials
20 Minutes

I was gifted a vintage book by Joe Bruno titled The Art of Scarf Tying.

In it, are pages with directions and illustrations on types of scarfs and methods of tying them to accessorize your wardrobe.

I chose a few simple looks with neutral color silk scarfs in this tutorial. As the weather warms up, I’ll show some additional looks using brighter colors in a later post.

As you build your closet, it’s important to own a few scarfs of various shapes. You can do so much with them! Find them at boutique shops, thrift stores or ask a friend for one!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you three, easy tying techniques, using an oblong, square and a bias cut scarf.

  1. Center Neck Knot: using a square scarf
  2. Cummerbund: using an oblong scarf
  3. The Side Look Tie : using a bias scarf

I hope you enjoy & have fun being creative with accessories!

The 1988 scarf tying book with beautiful artist illustrations.

The center knot neck tie - using a square silk scarf.

Fold the square into a narrow oblong.

Lightly knot in the middle and twist and tie behind your neck.

Lovely look for a business meeting or luncheon.

Example of the elegant center neck tie knot. Wonderful, quick addition to any outfit: day or evening.

The stylish cummerbund. Wrap an oblong scarf back to front of waist, overlap, hide ends.

Example of the simple cummerbund, using an oblong scarf. I’m showing it with a cream top & jeans. You can also tie this one to dress up a simple dress, giving more definition to your waist.

The side loop scarf tie. Using an oblong or bias cut scarf, bring the two ends down through the loop, to create a new loop and voila!

One of my favorites! The French style side loop. Perfect for an afternoon tea or a walk downtown. Use a bias or oblong scarf.

Suggested materials:
  • Three scarfs & a book   (Thrift Store and Second Hand)
  • Silk   (Thrift & handed down)

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