Transform Two Old T Shirts Into a Stylish Scarf

by Vickymcreations
2 Materials
3 Hours

Scarves are such a versatile helpful addition to one’s wardrobe, never mind cosy and snuggly. Here in the UK autumn is making itself known, it’s the perfect time of year to make your self some beautiful scarves from old t-shirts. There is nothing better than making something new out of something old.

Start by cutting out your scarf from your largest main fabric t shirt. This scarf widens towards the bottom of each side. You will need two identical panels. See how in this video.

Sketch your own on paper. I used a pencil making several attempts until I was satisfied with the finished design. If you would like to download my design please visit the full blog post.

Cut out your template, cutting out the petals. Use a sharp craft knife and cutting matt for a clean cut.

Place the template on the bottom edge of one side of your scarf. Using taylors chalk draw around each petal shape.

Next cut out the petals from the t shirt fabric - do not worry if your knit fabric curls a little.

Cut out a piece of your contrasting scarf and place behind your cut out shapes. Pin in place to hold.

Separate out three threads from your embroidery floss, thread your needle and hand stitch with running stitch around each petal shape. I have chosen a thread which co-ordinates with the contrasting fabric, but you could have fun with a third color. Repeat the process for the other side of the scarf.

Lastly place your second piece of the main scarf behind, in effect lining the scarf and hiding the back of the stitching. Pin, then hand stitch along the edge of the scarf in similar length running stitch. Be careful to secure your thread hidden between the two layers of knit fabric.

Enjoy wearing your reverse applique scarf.

Suggested materials:
  • Two large old t shirts
  • Embroidery Thread

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