3 Cool Ways to Make a Scarf Necklace Out of Old T-Shirts

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Do you need an awesome gift for someone? Or perhaps you’re looking for a little something special to add to your outfit. Well, today I’m going to show you how to turn old t-shirts into 3 different "Scloops"! (Scarf + Loop = Scloop)

Scloops are quick and easy to make and completely no-sew! So if you’re ready to make some fun accessories, take a peek at my easy video tutorial below!

Tools and materials:

  • Old t-shirts
  • Scissors
Cutting up an old-t-shirt

Scarf necklace 1: knot it up!

For the first style, you will need scissors and a t-shirt. The bigger the t-shirt, the longer the necklace will be. T-shirts without side seams are preferable, but if you only have a t-shirt with side seams to use, I will show you how to hide the seams at the end. 

Cutting the t-shirt fabric

1. Cut up the t-shirt

Begin by cutting off the bottom hem of the t-shirt, and then cutting across the t-shirt from underarm to underarm. 

Cutting the t-shirt into strips

2. Cut strips from the t-shirt fabric

Next, cut the shirt into strips that are each 2-3 centimeters (0.8-1.2 inches) wide. They do not have to have perfectly straight edges. 

Stretching the t-shirt fabric

3. Stretch the t-shirt fabric

Stretch each strip by placing your hands inside the loop and pulling outwards until the fabric rolls in on itself, and the strip becomes about twice its starting length. 

Wrapping the t-shirt yarn

4. Wrap the t-shirt yarn

Once all the strips are stretched, wrap each one around your hand three times to create a loop, as shown. 

Knotting the t-shirt yarn

5. Knot the loops together

Connect all the loops in a chain by knotting them together, one after the other, using the technique demonstrated in the video from 2:14-2:25.

Connecting the ends of the t-shirt yarn

6. Connect the ends and cut

Once all the loops have been knotted together, cut a small piece of fabric from the offcuts of the t-shirt. Stretch it out, then use it to tie the two end loops of the chain together. Secure it with a double knot and cut the excess fabric from the ends of the strip. 

Scarf necklace made from t-shirt yarn

Your first scloop is complete! Depending on the length, it can be double or triple wrapped. 

How to make a scarf necklace tutorial

If the t-shirt you used has side seams, you can simply use a bit of contrasting fabric wrapped around the bulky seams to cover them up. Or, for a bit of a different look, you can use this technique to make a scloop out of a sweater, as well. 

Scissors and an old t-shirt

Scarf necklace 2: 80’s “slashion” tribute

For this scloop, you will need scissors and one t-shirt. I recommend a men’s medium or large t-shirt, preferably without side seams. 

Cutting the t-shirt

1. Cut the t-shirt

Begin by cutting off the bottom hem, and cutting across the t-shirt from underarm to underarm. 

Folding the t-shirt

2. Folding the t-shirt

Next, accordion-fold the t-shirt, trying to keep the pleats as even as possible. 

Cutting through the layers of t-shirt

3. Cut through the layers

Make cuts through all the layers along one side of the folded fabric, but do not cut all the way through to the opposite edge. 

Stretching the fabric slits

4. Stretch the slits

Next, unfold the fabric, and you should have a rectangle with a few even rows of slits. Use your fingers to pull on either side of each slit until each one is stretched out.

Stretching the ends of the t-shirt fabric

Once all the slashes are stretched, be sure to give the ends of the t-shirt a good stretch, as well. 

Scarf with slits

And that’s it! Scloop #2 is complete! This one can simply be worn as is, around your neck, or doubled if it’s long enough. 

Another way to wear the scloop

Alternatively, it can be worn around your shoulders like a vest with a super-cool 80’s vibe.

Four t-shirts and a pair of scissors

Scarf necklace 3: The bird’s nest

For the final scloop, you will need scissors and four men’s XL t-shirts, preferably without side seams. 

Cutting the t-shirts into strips

1. Cut the t-shirts into strips

Once again, you will be cutting across the t-shirt directly under the sleeves, and cutting off the bottom hem. Then, as in the first version, cut each t-shirt into strips. 

Stretching the strips to make t-shirt yarn

2. Stretch the t-shirt fabric

Stretch each loop with your hands, so it rolls up on itself.

Looping the t-shirt fabric

3. Loop and layer

Take a fabric strip, wrap it in a double loop, and lay it down. Double-loop a second strip and lay it on top of the first. Continue double looping, and layering the loops one on top of the other, until all the strips have been used. 

Tying the t-shirt yarn loops together

4. Tie it together

Once all the strips have been layered on top of each other, cut a long strip of t-shirt fabric, and stretch it out.

Then, tie one end of the strip around all the loops, double knot it, and tuck in the end. Wrap the rest of the strip around the loops a few times, secure the end with a double knot, and tuck in the excess fabric. 

All 3 groovy scloops!

Your luxurious super-scloop is complete!

I hope you found my tutorials helpful and will be making a t-shirt necklace scarf of your own. Which version of my scloops do you like best?

Suggested materials:
  • Old t-shirts
  • Scissors

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