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There is nothing better than an accessory that can tie a look-up like a bow on a Christmas present.

Funny, I never used to be an "extra" type of girl, but as the trends advance, I can't go without my two things before I am out the door.

Are you like that too?

I will never (mark my words) NEVER leave without my hat and sunnies!

When the hat trend surfaced, I literally said to myself, this was made for me!

I love these hats from Amazon. There are a variety of colors. The sizes are also adjustable. There is a string inside to make the hat smaller to be more fitted if needed!

AND next, but not least, my sunnies!

Surprisingly, I snagged these from Wal-Mart of all places!! They are online only but the most comfortable and in-style sunnies I have!

These come in a few different frame colors and are under $30!! Gold has been a favorite of mine for many reasons, but I also have a pair of black-framed for a more "normal" day style.

Which accessories can you not leave the house without?

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  • Hat   (

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