4 Easy & Unique Ways to Wear a Baseball Cap With Braids

by Laineymariebeauty
4 Materials
20 Minutes

In this tutorial, we're going to be doing some hat hairstyles. I'm going to show you how to wear a baseball cap with braids. We'll cover four different styles of easy side braids.

These hairstyles are particularly good for those with long and thick hair. Let’s start braiding!

Tools and materials:

  • Brush
  • Hair elastic
  • Baseball cap or hat
  • Mirror

Side braid style 1

Sectioning hair with a small outside strand

Put your ponytail to the side, then section a small side strand. 

Wrapping the strand under the ponytail to make a loop

Wrap it underneath your ponytail and bring it all the way around. Now, you’ve created a cute loop. 

Pulling the end of the strand through the loop

Then, pull the end of the strand through the loop. Pull the loop, so it sits tight. 

Braiding and wrapping the hair

Braiding hair with a baseball cap

Adding in more hair to the strand and continuing to wrap

Add in a little more hair to the same strand and repeat the process. 

Intricate wrapped braid style

Continue doing this side braid style all the way till the end. Once you get the hand of this, it should be quick to do! 

Tip: Make sure your one hand is holding onto that strand the whole time. 

Baseball cap with a wrap braid

There you go! I think this braid is super cute and easy to do. You can see I messed up a little at the bottom, but it's fine.

Style braid style 2

Creating a small three-strand braid in the middle of a ponytail

Tie your hair into a low side pony and bring it to the side. Then, right in the middle of that ponytail, do a regular 3-strand braid. 

Placing the small braid next to the outside section of hair

Then, divide the rest of your hair into three equal sections. Make sure the small braid is next to the outside section. 

Braiding the hair

Crossing the sections under and over

Take the inside section, cross it under the section it’s next to, and then over that braided section. 

How to braid hair with a braid

Braiding hair over then under

Now, you’re going to do the opposite. Take the outside section from the other side, cross it over the section it's next to, and then under the braid. 

Alternating the sides the small braid it on

In this case, you’d take the inside section, cross it over the section next to it, and under the braid. Now, repeat. Remember to alternate sides.

Repeating the braiding pattern to the end

So, remember the pattern;

  •  Inside section = under + over
  • Outside section = over + under.

Repeat this and tie your ends when done. 

Fluffing out the braid by pinching and pulling

Next, fluff out the braid by pinching and pulling the sides. 

Baseball cap with a woven braid

You have a very intricate and beautiful side braid. I actually got compliments on this one when I went out. 

Side braid style 3

Dividing the hair into two large sections and one smaller middle section

For the next style braid hairstyle, divide your hair into three sections, with the middle section smaller than the outer sections. 

Creating two three-strand braids next to each other

Then, do a regular 3-strand braid for the outside sections. Tie both braids with a hairband. 

Weaving the braid together with the middle strand

Now the next step is basically using the middle strand to weave the two braids together.

Pulling the middle strand through the braid sections

So, open up a braid and pull that middle strand through the top braided section. Then, pull it through the top braided section on the opposite braid. See how it weaves them together?

How to create a faux six-strand braid

Keep doing this all the way down the braids and it will look like one 6-strand braid. Pretty cool, huh? 

Pancaking the edges to add volume

Once you’re finished, tie it off and pancake the edges. Side braid style 4

Baseball cap with a faux six-strand braid

Look at this bad boy side braid! I’m obsessed, and I think it’s adorable.

Side braid style 4

How to do an easy rope braid

If there’s one thing you take away from this braids with baseball cap tutorial is how to do a rope braid! For this style, simply divide your hair in half. 

Twisting hair away rom the face

Take each section, twist it around your finger and away from your face. 

Crossing the two sections over each other

Next, take the outside section and cross it over the inside section. 

Twisting the sections away from the face

Then, twist the sections again (awaye from your face). 

Crossing and twisting the rope braid

Cross the outside section of the inside section and twist both sections again. The hardest part was figuring out how to twist it away from my face, but I quickly got the hang of it. 

Repeating the twist to create a rope braid

Repeat and twist all the way down. Easy! 

Easy rope braid tutorial

Pulling at the rope braid for texture

Tie your twisted side braid and pull out your hair for a messier look. 

Baseball cap with a rope braid

I love rope braids! They are so unique and look great with a hat. 

How to wear a baseball cap with braids

So, there you have it; 4 beautiful hairstyles so you can wear a baseball cap with braids and look your best. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed demonstrating each side braid style. Enjoy. 

Suggested materials:
  • Brush
  • Hair elastic
  • Baseball cap or hat
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