A Beginner's Guide to Applying the Best Mascara for Mature Eyes

2 Materials
5 Minutes

Mascara, blush, and lipstick are the three things that can make or break your makeup. Well-mascaraed eyelashes are the focus of this tutorial.

Choosing the right mascara for older eyes is important. Many of the mascaras with filaments or bulking agents make your eyelashes look spiky, which can be particularly unattractive on older eyes.

I'm using mascara from Look Fabulous Forever, but you could replicate the same techniques with your own mascara.

Tools and materials:

  • Eyelash curler
  • Good quality mascara with wand
Curling eyelashes with an eyelash curler

1. Curl your lashes

You should always start with curling your eyelashes, especially if you wear glasses. Curling your eyelashes pulls them out of the way of your eyeglass lenses.

It also makes your lashes extra pretty which is especially important if your lenses are magnifying your eyes!

Applying mascara for older eyelashes

2. Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes

Use a good quality mascara that has no filaments or thickeners. Apply the mascara to your upper lashes in small strokes, working it into the roots.

Use the end of the mascara wand at the outer edges of your lashes and use the middle of the wand in the middle section of your lashes.

How to apply mascara for mature eyes

Use the end of the mascara wand to work the mascara into your lower lashes.

You can add a second coat of mascara if you wish, depending on how much time you have and what impact you are going for. Just make sure that the first coat of mascara is thoroughly dry before adding the second coat.

If you have used a good mascara on your eyelashes, then you will find that once your lashes are dry, they will still feel soft, instead of stiff and spiky.

Best mascara for mature eyes

The best mascara for mature eyes tutorial

Here is a look at the before and after, with one eye that has mascara applied and one that doesn’t. The mascara-ed eye looks larger and brighter and is clearly more attractive!

Now you’ve got the first crucial step in your makeup routine. Leave a comment to let me know if you liked this tutorial.

Suggested materials:
  • Eyelash curler
  • Good quality mascara with wand

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    I have found that not putting mascara on the lower lid makes the eyes appear wider and is a cleaner look. To be honest, if you want to mascara your lower lid, just bat your eyes once or twice while your upper mascara is still damp. It will transfer to your lower lid with no smudging.