Easy Bloody Nail Art for Halloween

by RoseDIY13
8 Materials
10 Minutes

With Halloween on its way, I’m here to show you a fabulously grotesque nail art design. That’s right, I have some bloody nail art that will make it look like you’ve been sinking your nails into something gory. Without further ado, let’s begin this blood-dripping Halloween nail design.

Tools and materials:

  • Base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • Clear nail polish
  • Dotting tool
  • Thin brush
  • Cotton 
  • Acetone
White nails with red dots added

1. Paint your nails white

Apply a base coat to your nails and then color them with white nail polish.

2. Create the blood-dripping look

To create the blood dripping look, start by making three red dots in a triangle shape (as shown on the middle fingernail). 

Creating blood drip

Then take your thin brush and join the dots together. Take it slow and steady so as not to make a mistake. The lines you are drawing to connect the dots will be thinner than the dots themselves, creating a realistic dripping look.

Coloring in bottom of nail

Proceed to color in the bottom of the nail.

Adding red dot

Finish the blood dripping effect by drawing a dot at the top of the nail with the dotting tool, and then use the thin brush to draw a point at one end and turn it into more of a drop shape. When you finish the nail design, wait for your nails to dry.

Adding top coat

3. Top coat

To finish off, apply a top coat. Then repeat the process on all of your other nails and you are done!

Completed bloody nail art

Bloody nail art 

And here we have the finished blood-dripping nails look - isn’t it marvelous?! It’s a bit gory but that’s the fun of it. I think that the dripping blood looks very realistic and I’m super happy with how this nail art DIY turned out. Let me know in the comments if give it a go!

Suggested materials:
  • Base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Red nail polish
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