How to Make Handmade Felt Embellishments & Sew Them Onto Clothes

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If you love handmade felt embellishments, I’d love to show you how to make felt appliqués so you can put them on your clothing or make felt embellishments for others!

I like to say that we are here to lead. We are the sun and not the shadows. We are making our clothing stand out and speak for itself. By keeping it creative, we are making it custom and artistic to speak in our creative voices!

I’ll show you some simple and cute things to sew with felt so you start embellishing today!

Tools and materials:

  • Felt pieces
  • Sharp scissors
  • Erasable pen or marker
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread - you can use regular or embroidery thread
  • Your garment to embellish
Drawing a design onto the felt

1. Draw your design

You can take inspiration from Pinterest or from your imagination. You can make letters or words that have meaning to you or the person you are gifting this to!

Draw your design directly onto the felt using a washable marker. Don’t use a Sharpie as it bleeds through the felt.

Cutting out the felt design

2. Cut out the designs

Use your sharpest scissors to cut out the designs.

Folding the felt in half for symmetry

If you are a perfectionist, fold the felt in half and just draw half of the design.

DIY felt embellishments

Then cut it so it is perfectly symmetrical.

Cute things to sew with felt

3. Choose your garment

You can apply these felt appliqués to all of your clothes: jeans, t-shirts, jackets, and even sweaters.

Placing the felt embellishments on the item

4. Set up the design

Lay out the cut felt pieces directly onto the fabric.

Pinning the felt embellishments

Pin them into place. If you’re like me, and keep getting stuck by straight pins, you can use safety pins, or even better, the curved safety pins used for quilting.

How to sew felt

5. Sew your design

Use a sewing needle and regular thread in a running stitch for an almost invisible stitch. Embroidery thread is thicker so use that only if you want your stitching to show.

Hand-sewing the felt embellishments

Make sure not to sew too close to the edge.

Knotting the ends of the thread

To knot the end, push the needle to the back and do a backstitch. That’s where you pull the thread under an existing stitch a few times. Once the thread is secured in a knot, trim off the excess.

How to make felt appliqués

Handmade felt embellishments tutorial

I hope my tutorial on how to sew felt helped you sew handmade felt embellishments. This is super easy and so customizable! Please comment below on what you loved about this DIY!

Suggested materials:
  • Felt pieces
  • Sharp scissors
  • Erasable pen or marker
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