How to Make a Peasant Crop Top That's Perfect for Spring & Summer

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
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Today, I'm going to show you how to do a really fun upcycle on a thrifted blouse. I'll demonstrate how to make a peasant crop top out in a flattering style with waist ties. This look is perfect for spring and summer.

Tools and materials: 

  • Blouse 
  • Ruler
  • Fabric marker
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins 
  • Elastic
  • Iron
Pretty collar details on the blouse

1. Cut the blouse

The blouse I am going to use has some really pretty collar details that I love and I was so excited to make it over. 

Measuring the waistline for the crop top

Since I wanted to turn this blouse into a crop top, the first thing I did was to cut it off at the waist. I started by marking it at my waistline. 

Cutting off the bottom of the blouse

Then, I used a ruler to make this a straight line and cut it across.  

Measuring the waist for the ties

2. Cut the waist ties 

Next, I used the excess fabric to cut out some waist ties. I wanted them long enough to go around my waist and tie into a bow at the back. So, I needed my tie to be at least 68 inches long. 

Cutting out fabric for the waist tie

I had a little bit more fabric than that, so I ended up making the ties about 74 inches long by 4 inches wide. To make the tie, I cut four strips of fabric and then set them aside.

Hemming the bottom of the crop top

3. Hem the top

Back to the blouse, I turned it inside out, ready to hem. Since I was going to use a half-inch wide elastic I need to make sure my hem was at least half an inch wide so that I could fit the elastic through. 

How to do a double-fold hem

I did a double fold for my hem and then pinned it in place.  

Sewing the bottom of the crop top with elastic casing

Next, I sewed the pinned edge and sewed as close to the top of the fold as I could because I really needed to make sure that the elastic would slide through. 

Leaving an opening unsewn for the elastic

I left a little opening on one side so that I could insert the elastic.

Measuring the elastic around the waist

4. Add the elastic 

When I was done sewing, I went ahead and measured my waist with the elastic. Don’t forget to overlap it by an inch for a seam allowance.

Once it was measured, I went ahead and cut it.  

Attaching the elastic to a safety pin

To slide it through the blouse, I attached the elastic to a safety pin. This is the easiest way to slide elastic into a waistband.  

Inserting the elastic into the casing

I fed it through by bunching the blouse up at the bottom as I went. The elastic will cinch the blouse in at the waist and make it nice and fitted.  

How to upcycle a blouse

Once I got to the end, I pulled on the other end of the elastic to overlap the edges.  

Sewing the ends of the elastic together

Then, I sewed them together with a zig-zag stitch. A zig-zag stitch is perfect for anything stretchy. I went back and forth a few times to secure it.  

How to make a DIY peasant crop top

Next, I pulled on the blouse a little so that the elastic slid in completely.  

Sewing the opening for the elastic closed

All that was left to do was to close up the little opening. I used a straight stitch for this. 

Sewing ties for the DIY peasant crop top

5. Sew the ties

It was then time to finish the waist ties. I started by taking my strips of fabric and placing them one on top of each other, right sides together.

Pinning the ends of the fabric pieces together

Then, I pinned one end of each set. 

How to make one long waist tie

To make one long tie, I joined the two pinned pieces right sides together and pinned and sewed those together.  

Folding and pinning the waist tie

With the pieces together, I folded it over, right sides together, and pinned it. 

Sewing a waist tie for the DIY peasant crop top

Then I sewed them together and also closed one end of the tie. 

Turning the fabric right sides out with a knitting needle

With the tie all sewn together, I used a knitting needle to turn it right sides out. I slipped the blunt end of the knitting needle into the closed end and scrunched the tie over it until it was right side out. 

Pressing the waist tie flat with an iron

Once it was turned right side out, I pressed it nice and flat with an iron. 

Folding and pressing the end of the waist tie, ready to sew

To close up the open end, I folded it in, pressed, and sewed it closed.  

Marking the middle point with a pin

6. Attach the tie 

Next, I folded the waist tie in half to find the middle point and I marked it with a pin. 

Attaching the waist tie to the DIY peasant top

I then took the waist tie and lined it up with the front middle point of the blouse.  

Pinning the waist tie to the DIY peasant crop top

I pinned it along the front side of the blouse, stopping where the side seams are. I wanted to leave the back open so that you can see the elastic edge.

Sewing the waist tie to the DIY peasant crop top

To finish off my blouse upcycle, I sewed the tie down along the waist of the blouse and that was it.  

How to make a peasant crop top

How to make a peasant crop top

This was such a fun, easy upcycle. I hope you enjoyed seeing how to make a peasant crop top.  

DIY peasant top from the back

If you have a blouse that you found at the thrift store, or maybe one that you want to make look a little more modern and fun, I hope you will give it a try.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below.

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  • Fabric marker
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  • Ashley Meyer Ashley Meyer on Apr 07, 2022

    What a great tutorial. I sew a lot and I appreciate simple clear instructions so much, and yours were perfect! I love the top :)