Wow! Make a Zara Look a Like Blouse for Way Less!

Zara has some beautiful clothes but sometimes it costs way too much. That's why I love making my own clothes and sometimes I am inspired by what they've got in stores.

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Here is the Zara top I am recreating. To begin I am using a large sweater with the color I like. You can thrift a sweater and it doesn't matter how it fits because you will cut it up in the end.

Find a tank top or blouse that fits you and use it as a template. Trace the outline on your sweater and then cut it out.

Pin back where you cut and we are going to sew it down to have clean lines

Grab a string and put some beads on it

Tuck the string in your tank and we're going to sew it

Adjust the string so that when you sew everything the string isn't showing or coming undone.

Here's the finished product

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  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Aug 01, 2023

    Nice, but it would look better if the thread color more closely matched the knit fabric. I have used permanent markers to blend in threads. I give you credit for doing things yourself! Thanks for sharing. :-)