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In today’s tutorial, I will be showing you how to make a turtleneck. It was supposed to be one but it turned into three because I had three different fabrics at home. This project wasn’t just a great way to use extra fabric, but I got three amazing turtlenecks out of it.

Tools and materials:

  • Pattern
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
Sew a turtleneck

Cut the fabric

I started off by laying my pattern on the first piece of fabric. I would be making 3 turtlenecks from the extra fabric I had at home. I realized I didn’t have enough fabric for the third one so I would have to make the turtleneck short sleeve. I then cut out the fabric. 

Measure the sleeve length

Adjust the pattern 

To get the new length for the short sleeves, I measured from my shoulder to the desired length. 

Adjust the pattern

I decided on 6 inches for the short sleeves, so I adjusted my pattern and cut the fabric. 

Sew the shoulder seams

Sew the turtleneck 

Once I had all the fabric for the three turtlenecks cut out, I started working on the most basic one using the black fabric. I had five pieces for the turtleneck. The back, the front, the collar, and the two sleeves. I started by sewing, right sides together, along the shoulder seams of the front and back piece. Then I added in the sleeves. 

Sew the top together

Next, I pinned and sewed the side seams, underarm, and sleeves together. 

Attach the collar

Sew on the turtleneck collar

Next, it was time to attach the turtleneck collar. I pinned the collar on, right sides together. This turtleneck collar was one pattern piece that I folded in half and attached to the neckline. 

Sew on the collar

I headed back to the sewing machine and sewed on the collar. 

How to sew a turtleneck

After trying on the top, I decided that the turtleneck was too loose so I made a few adjustments so that it would fit better. For the other styles, I ended up making two separate pieces for the collars. One for the back and one for the front. 

Hem the top

Hem the top 

I ended up finishing the hem with a double-needle cover stitch. 

Make a knit turtleneck

Sew the second and third turtlenecks

The second turtleneck I made was from a jacquard knit. Jacquard knit is thick and has more structure to it. 

Attach the sleeves

After sewing the shoulder seams, I moved on to pinning on the long sleeves. This fabric required a little bit more attention and care. After finishing with this turtleneck, I moved on to sew the third which took a lot less time because I had ironed out all of the mistakes. 

DIY turtleneck top

This black fabric made for the perfect basic clothing item to add to my wardrobe. This is a turtleneck I will wear until the fabric fades. 

How to make a turtleneck

The next turtleneck ended up being gorgeous! I love the pattern and texture of the fabric. After sewing, I had to go back and make a few adjustments but in the end, I got exactly what I wanted. 

Make a turtleneck

The last turtleneck was my problem piece. Not only did I not have enough fabric for long sleeves but it was a hard fabric to work with. In the end, it was so worth making this piece! I love that I have a short sleeve turtleneck! I would love to know which of the three turtlenecks you like best! Let me know in the comments down below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Pattern
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
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  • Tonya Tonya on Feb 13, 2021

    Awesome talent!! Makes me want a sewing machine!tfs!

    • Delaya Briscoe Delaya Briscoe on Feb 13, 2021

      Thanks for reading/watching l. Appreciate it. If you end up buying a machine, go in with a plan. My first machine sat for a year before I used it. 😅

  • Jinxx Jinxx on Feb 21, 2021

    i love the print one. It will cover any bump or bulge and still look sleek. The older (and saggier) I get, the more I love turtlenecks!

    • The Delaya B. The Delaya B. on Feb 21, 2021

      Yes, the printed one in Jacquard knit is a lot more forgiving to the extra curves 😅.