How to Sew a Stand Collar (or Mandarin Collar) in 4 Simple Steps

by Bhooki
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A stand collar or mandarin collar truly elevates a top. You’ve probably seen a stand collar shirt and thought that a stand collar might be difficult for you to make.

I’m excited to share my tutorial that will show you how to sew a mandarin collar quickly and easily. You’ll be able to wear a standing collar shirt you attached yourself. Let’s get started sewing a stand collar.

Tools and materials:

  • Stand collar pattern
  • Fabric
  • Lightweight interfacing
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
How to make a stand collar pattern

1. Make the pattern

First, watch this video to help you draft the stand collar pattern. Draw and cut out the paper pattern. 

Cutting out the fabric

2. Cut the fabric

Fold the fabric in half. Lay the paper pattern on top. Pin the pattern in place.

Adding the interfacing

Cut two pieces of the fabric. Use the pattern again on the lightweight interfacing. Fold the interfacing in half with the pattern on top and cut.

Attaching the interfacing

3. Attach the interfacing

Turn one of the pieces of fabric so the wrong side faces you. Lay the lightweight interfacing on top. Iron to securely attach it.

How to sew the collar

4. Sew the collar

Fold in the bottom (the larger part of the collar) by ¼ inch (1 cm) for the seam allowance. Iron flat. Sew in place.

DIY stand collar tutorial

Place the two pieces of fabric with their right sides together. Align the notches.

Pinning the stand collar

Pin the notch and both ends in place.

Sewing the short ends

Sew the short ends and along the interfacing to attach the two pieces together.

Making small diagonal cuts

Make small diagonal cuts along the entire seam allowance of the interfacing. This helps the collar lie flat.

Turning the collar inside out

Turn the collar inside out and press. The seam allowance on the back will be used to attach the collar to the shirt bodice neckline.

How to sew a stand collar

How to sew a stand collar

This beautiful stand collar will enhance any top. Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed my tutorial on how to sew a mandarin collar. Thanks for joining!

Suggested materials:
  • Stand collar pattern
  • Fabric
  • Lightweight interfacing
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