5 Elegant and Casual Spring Outfit Ideas

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In this style guide, I’m going to share with you some casual spring outfit ideas.

If you’re scratching your head about what to wear this season, this style guide is guaranteed to provide you with some much-needed inspiration.

Let’s jump on in with the first look!

Vibrant blouse

1. Vibrant blouse

In the first look, I’m going with a very bright and bold color palette.

I have a gorgeous printed top, the background is made up of two different shades of pink in a sort of leopard print design and then it has white and yellow flowers over the top with blue leaves.

I paired the shirt with a pair of colorful orange pants. I kept accessories simple with a white pouch bag.

Pleated dress

2. Pleated dress

This next outfit is for my ladies who love a flowy dress for the spring.

This dress has a half-pleated style on the bottom and it seems very basic because of the nude color but the silver buttons add a subtle pop of interest.

The dress also comes with a sash that you can tie around your waist.

I love pieces that come like that because it gives you the option of styling it with another belt from your wardrobe, if you don't want to style it with the sash.

To accessorize, I added some gold statement earrings and a black and gold bangle. Some gold metallic kitten heels and a black padded bag complete the look.

Colorful blazer

3. Colorful blazer

For the next stylish spring look, I’m wearing a statement blazer.

I am a big fan of blazers and all the more so when they are in a bold color. 

Colorful blazer

This blazer is in a beautiful tangy orange color and it has gorgeous pearl-colored buttons with a gold rim on the sleeves and on the front; little details like this honestly make a big difference.

I also really like the structured fit. I paired the blazer with a pair of black off-wash jeans which don’t compete with the blazer for attention.

To accessorize, I went with a pair of gold statement earrings and a brown boxy bag.

Trench coat

4. Trench coat

A trench coat is definitely a wardrobe essential for the spring - I’ve gone for one in a classic beige shade that you can match with absolutely anything so it will go a long way in your wardrobe. 

Trench coat

I styled the coat with a pair of copper-colored pants and a printed top that has the same color as the pants.

For footwear, I opted for a pair of nude-colored ankle booties and a taupe-colored bag with a wooden handle completes the look.

Knit dress

5. Knit dress

For the last stylish spring look that I have to share with you, we have a gray knit dress. It has a stretchy fit making it very comfortable and it's in a stretchy style.

I paired it with some metallic silver boots since they are a big trend for this season.

The best part about this dress is that it's versatile - I can definitely see myself restyling it with a pair of sneakers for a more casual weekend look.

I accessorized the look with some statement earrings in gray and black as well as a trendy black bag.

Casual spring outfit ideas

There we have five stylish spring outfits that you can wear this season - I hope they’ve given you some inspiration.

Let me know which outfit is your favorite in the comments below!

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