9 Cute and Casual Blazer Outfit Ideas for the Spring

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In this lookbook, I’m going to give you some casual blazer outfit ideas.

I’ll be styling a gorgeous watercolor floral blazer that I designed - let me show you the outfits that I put together.

Casual blazer outfit idea

1. Yacht day look

This is what I would wear for a yacht day.

The wide-brim hat matches perfectly with the colors on the blazer and the gorgeous white linen pants are the perfect accompaniment. 

Casual blazer outfit idea

2. Sporty casual look

Here I’ve gone with an old Adidas shirt - I would style it with some jeans and big chunky sneakers.

Casual blazer outfit idea

3. Graphic T-shirt outfit

For this look, I’ve gone with a T-shirt that has a little subtle graphic, and boom - that’s all you need.

Casual blazer outfit idea

4. Baggy T-shirt look

Another option is a baggy, oversized T-shirt and a stack of long skinny necklaces.

Casual blazer outfit idea

5. Sweatshirt blazer combo

I love this big, comfy, slouchy, oversized, almost masculine look with the blazer, though it would look better if the sweatshirt were in a slightly lighter shade.

Casual blazer outfit idea

6. Feminine blouse

Another option is to go for a feminine blouse and a cute belt. The belt looks very chic and elegant.

Casual blazer outfit idea

Or you could wear the belt on the outside of the jacket - which of the two looks do you prefer?

Casual blazer outfit idea

7. Corset top look

Here I’m wearing a nude-colored corset top that matches the blazer.

The tight fit of the top contrasts nicely against the loose fit of the blazer.

Casual blazer outfit idea

8. Denim look

In this look, I’m wearing a denim mini dress and have belted the blazer with a chunky belt.

Casual blazer outfit idea

9. Statement belt look

For the final look, I’m wearing another mini dress with a wide, clear belt and a large buckle that I added some pearls too.

The silhouette of this look is in a peplum style and I really like it.

Casual blazer outfit idea

Let me know which of the ways to style the blazer you like the best in the comments below!

To find out how to make this blazer for yourself, head over to How to Create a Unique Blazer With a DIY Watercolor Fabric Technique.

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