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In winter, people tell me that they feel that they can't be cute and express their unique style because winter dressing is all about practicality.

Here, I want to show you how you can have both by sharing with you some casual winter outfit ideas that are both warm and stylish.

Simple red sweater look

1. Simple red sweater look

We are starting off with this amazing red sweater in a gorgeous cable knit.

I paired it with some silk-lined wool trousers - they have an awesome sheen to them and are low-waisted, cropped, and flared at the bottom.

To accessorize, we have a simple chain necklace and a tartan poncho draped over the top.

Parisian look

2. Parisian look

Next up, I’m using the same red sweater to create a Parisian, feminine, preppy vibe.

I’ve paired the sweater with a cashmere skirt, which is very elegant and also very warm.

A beret is a fun alternative to a beanie in the winter.

Grungy red sweater look

3. Grungy red sweater look

Here, we’re doing something that is a little more grungy and edgy. I’m wearing the sweater off-the-shoulder with big oversized sleeves.

I also have on a pleated tartan mini-skirt, my Doc Martens that I've had since 8th grade, and a beanie. 

Leather jacket

4. Leather jacket

Here, I’ve styled the red sweater with black jeans rolled up at the bottom and a leather jacket with the zips on the sleeves kept open.

I love how you can create so many different aesthetics with the same sweater.

Classic neutrals

5. Classic neutrals

Sweater vests are a huge trend right now because they have so many layering options.

To create an elegant, minimal look, I put on a pair of jeans, a crisp white button-down, and white boots to match.

This is a crisp, classic, and timeless look.

Sparkly skirt

6. Sparkly skirt

Next up, I teamed the cashmere sweater vest with a sequined skirt to create a New Year's Eve look.

To accessorize, I added a wrapped choker necklace. Now I’m fully New Year’s Eve ready yet still warm and cost.


7. Hoodie

Here, I’m wearing a cashmere hoodie, which is really cool because it's got the casual look of a zip-up hoodie as well as the warm, comfy quality of a cashmere knit.

To create a bit of a quirky outfit, I paired it with my cashmere sweater vest, a denim jacket, striped pants, and some black boots.

I also added a scarf with a built-in oversized hood.

Drop-crotch pants

8. Drop-crotch pants

These are a pair of drop-crotch pants, and this look would also work really well with sweats.

The little v-neck underneath from the vest is really cute. It's really slouchy, effortless, cool, and a little masculine.

Polka dot blouse

9. Polka dot blouse

I love this polka dot blouse with the little bell sleeves - you have the option to tie the tassels or not.

Here, I’ve buttoned it all the way up, and because it’s slightly transparent, you can see my black bra poking out underneath.

The pants are breezy and wide-leg and look almost like a skirt.

Leather skirt

10. Leather skirt

For a preppy look, I thought it would be super fun to go with a short black leather skirt and a headband to accessorize.

A belt to cinch in the waist and black boots that disappear into the black tights finish off the look. 

Leather harness

11. Leather harness

For a sexy and edgy look, I went for a pair of oversized black jeans and a leather harness that really plays against the feminine, girly quality of the soft, drapey blouse.

I created the harness by taking a long leather belt, placing it over my shoulders, crisscrossing it around my waist, and then belting it.

Striped sweater

12. Striped sweater

This knit wool sweater is really fun because of the graphic pattern. I’m wearing it over a long silk shirt and with the pair of cropped black, flared trousers that I showed you earlier.

The draped and oversized elements of this look give it a masculine feel. I think that the combination of cream and white in this look is also very interesting.

Cashmere skirt

13. Cashmere skirt

Next, I’ve gone for the cashmere skirt again and have tucked the sweater in.

I styled it with simple black boots, and you can also add tights if you need to. The boots will disappear into the skirt and give you height.

Checkered pants

14. Checkered pants

For a more casual look, I threw on a pair of checkered pants, which I belted to give them a paper-bag waist, and then I added some chunky boots and a contrasting beanie.

I tucked the sweater into my bra to make it cropped. 

Slip skirt

15. Slip skirt

This silk slip skirt with a high slit running up the side is another grungy option that gives off 90s vibes.

Casual winter outfit ideas

I hope that you found this lookbook useful and that it opened up your mind to how you can create outfits in the winter that will keep you warm but don’t compromise on style.

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