Winter Lookbook: Casual Winter Outfits

In this tutorial, I will be showing you, cozy, comfy, and casual looks for this winter. Whether you are going out or stuck at home on zoom meetings all day, these 6 different looks will give you all the casual winter inspo you need.

Winter 2021 outfits

Outfit 1

Hunter rain boots are making a big comeback this winter! I decided to pair the Hunter boots with a pair of twill pants which are tight around the waist but then balloon out. They are the perfect pants for tucking into boots! I added a knit sweater to the look. The sweater has a gorgeous prairie collar which is so trendy right now. The black beanie works so well to tie in the black Hunter boots and I just love a good winter beanie. 

Wear a baseball cap

Outfit 2 

Outfit number 2 is by far the coziest in this lookbook! In this look, I decided to wear a baseball cap but you can always switch that out for a beanie. I then put on this white, crew neck sweater. I love these sweaters and I think this is the perfect piece to just throw on when you want to be comfy. 

Elevate with a coat

I paired the look with leggings and some cute tennis shoes. What I love about this coat is that it takes the look from ‘going to the gym’ to super-cute! 

Cute winter outfits

Outfit 3 

This third outfit is actually inspired by something that I saw on Pinterest. I decided to recreate my own version of the look by pairing this blue blazer with my khaki-green sweater top. 

Accessorize with a bag

I finished off the look with a pair of jeans and heel boots. I added this stunning black bag and now this is an outfit that you could easily wear to the office. 

Casual winter outfits

Outfit 4

This outfit is inspired by an outfit I saw Katie Holmes wearing. It is a totally 90’s look and I just love it! I started off with this black, moto jacket which I layered over this oversized grey sweater. 

Wear loose jeans

I added this pair of jeans which are loose at the bottom and a pair of black boots. I think the key to this look is having a pair of jeans that bunch at the bottom to get that totally 90’s look. 

Layer the tops

Outfit 5 

I absolutely love this look! It started with a black turtleneck. I then added a white button-down over it and wore a pair of jeans. 

Basic winter outfits

I added a belt to the look which I think helps to create balance in the outfit and makes it look more intended. 

Pull together with a coat

I love the camel coat that I added to this look. It works perfectly to pull the whole outfit together. 

Add edginess to the look

I added these black, moto boots to the outfit which help give a little bit more edge to the look. 

Wear two sweaters

Outfit 6 

In the 6th look, I layered sweater over sweater. The new trend is to use a second sweater instead of a scarf. 

Wear all black bottoms

I added a black pair of pants to the look with my moto boots to help give some height. All black on the bottom can help elongate your legs and makes them look slimmer. 

Winter outfit ideas

I love the final look which is all black with a pop of color from the second sweater. I would love to hear your thoughts on these casual winter looks. Let me know which is your favorite in the comments! 

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  • Daisy@TX Daisy@TX on Jan 24, 2021

    Needed that. Absolutely fashionable!

  • Jinxx Jinxx on Jan 24, 2021

    Thank you for producing this. I wish you would have had the space to show head-to-toe shots though. Unfortunately, I’m a highly visual learner and my brain needs to see the full picture in order to “get it.” Great ideas, though.

    • Kaitlin MacKenzie Kaitlin MacKenzie on Jan 25, 2021

      Hey there! You can watch the video to see the full look :) I will keep that in mind though when finding images for the blog posts as well. Thanks for the tip!