3 Sporty Spice Outfits

Sarah East
by Sarah East

3 Sporty spice outfits sporting Nike Blazer mid ‘77 vintage kicks. Check out 3 outfits built for playing in the gym and are also suitable for immediately hitting the street.

Sneak peak of the three outfits I’m bringing to you today 💗

Outfit number one

I am in love with these high wasted leggings! Perfect for crop tops! Did you know any tee can be a crop top if you just cut off the bottom. You’re welcome 😉

anyways I snagged these leggings at oldnavy. My graphic USA tee I snagged from target over the summer. The utility jacket takes any outfit to street style. It’s super cold outside so I added a hoodie underneath to keep warm. And these shoes! Would you look at them?! I love them! Super comfy. Super cool. Super versatile. I picked them up to wear when I’m coaching basketball but I love them so much I want to wear them all

the time. Check out these links to recreate this sporty outfit for yourself.

camo leggings

utility jacket

crop tee


Outfit number two

I love an outfit that I can wear all

day and is good for every aspect of my life. I can be street casual in this and in the evening I can shed a couple layers and coach basketball. The “be kind” tee I am sporting in this outfit I actually picked up in the mens department at target. I cut the bottom off and put side slits in it to make it more “girly”. Pair that with a statement necklace, high waisted leggings, a second hand drapey tie dye shawl, pink oldnavy jacket, and my new kicks. I love layers!

pink jacket

be kind tee

tie dye shawl

Outfit number three

I love old navy jackets. Like LOVE THEM! This jacket instantly takes this to street style. The leggings I’m wearing are also from oldnavy and I love them! They are all shiny and cool. They have pockets and they are high wasted. It’s a love love relationship. My tank says “aim high squat low” which I can totally get behind. And of course I’m sporting those killer vintage Nikes.

oldnavy jacket

shimmer leggings

aim high squat low tank

that wraps up my three sporty spice get ups. Thanks for checking them out! Which one do you like best? Stay tuned! More is coming ❤️✌️

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