3 Cute, Casual & Comfy Fall Outfit Formula Ideas

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

Fall fashion is my favorite and I frequently browse through Pinterest and magazines to pick up inspiration for what to wear. Here I’m going to make your life easier and give you some inspiration with some comfy fall outfits that are on-trend this season.

Stylish fall outfit inspo

1. Leather jacket

The first fit is the most universal for the fall. Leather jacket season is here. I recommend going for a blazer jacket, or something else oversized with a masculine type feel. I’ve paired the jacket with some comfy straight-legged jeans, a white top - it can be a t-shirt or a long sleeve, and finished the outfit with white sneakers and a little leather bag. 

Cute but casual fall outfits

As this outfit is so basic, you can pair almost any type of accessory with it. You could go for a big tote bag, a trendy bucket hat, some cute little hair clips, or anything else you fancy. Use the accessories to bring your unique taste into the look.

Two-piece set for fall

2. Two-piece set

Onto the second outfit, and I think that the easiest way to get dressed is by wearing a set because any type of set is already a complete outfit. All you do is throw it on and you’re done! My favorite type of two-piece is a men’s oversized set.

To be honest, this blazer and these pants weren’t a set originally but I think the two pair together very seamlessly, even with their slight color difference. When wearing a suit like this, you can always tone it down with sneakers so that you don’t look too overdressed.

It’s also a good idea to throw in some feminine elements to create contrast and balance the look out, so here I’ve added a vintage nylon bag to accessorize. Wearing a corset top under your suit instead of a t-shirt would be another stylish option to add a feminine twist.

Wearing a sweater vest for fall

3. Vest

The sweater vest is really in at the moment and here I’ve styled it with baggy black dress pants and a white button-down shirt. Some chunky boots help to dress down the formal vibe and make the outfit feel more casual. 

Comfy fall outfits

Over the top of the outfit, you can layer virtually any coat. I’m really into green at the moment and so went for a green trench coat. A woven green leather bag ties in with the coat and finished the look off perfectly. To really rock the vest trend, make sure you go for one that is oversized instead of form-fitting. 

Comfy fall outfits

There we have three different looks that you can rock this fall. Taking inspiration from the outfits I’ve styled doesn’t mean that you have to copy them in their entirety, rather you can see which elements of the outfits appealed to you the most and pick those out.

You can then take these aspects and interpret them in different ways to how I have done. Happy styling!

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