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Lindsay Ramcharitar
by Lindsay Ramcharitar
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When you see a dress on the rack do you say "man that is cute" or "man that is cute, I can totally rock that all year round"? For the most part I say it's cute but recently I have been trying to think of how I can make the dress (or any piece for that matter) work for all 4 seasons and I did just that with this recent Target Dress.

Spring is super easy to style for. Here I just threw on a basic pair of slides and added a denim jacket but there are so many options: sneakers, sandals, booties, flats, throw on a cardigan or a button down shirt. Hoodie? Why not! This dress will get plenty of wear during the Spring with the amount of ways to style it.

Styled for Spring

For Summer, the easiest option would be the dress and sandals. I could have shown you that but I think that is obvious right? So instead I decided to throw on a graphic tee and knot it. This allows for dimension in the waist why also adding contrast to the dress. You can also wear the dress by itself by add a belt for waist definition, throw it on over a bathing suit, or pair it with heels for date night. Again -- so many options.

Styled for Summer

For Fall, booties and over sized cardigans are my go to so why not put them together with this dress. Add a hat and you are ready to sip a latte with the falling leaves around you right? This dress would also be cute with over the knee boots and a leather jacket. You can also do rain boots and a denim jacket with a baseball cap or a scarf. So many options to bring this dress to life.

Styled for Fall

For Winter you know I had to break out my favorite shoes of all time: my over the knee boots. These boots make any outfit that much better. For this look I threw a sweater on over the dress and added a belt. I then tucked the sweater into the belt so the sweater wasn't hanging long. I then threw my pea coat on over my shoulders for dramatic affect. :) This would also be cute with tights and booties and a blazer for a holiday party.

Styled for Winter

When I tried this dress on, I knew I would also love wearing it to work. All the looks above CAN be worn to the office (depending on your office environment), but why not show you a true office look. Blazer and heels scream office, paired with a belt for added definition brings the look together. Makes you feel professional, stylish and cute. You can swap out the heels for booties or a flat boot or even add tights if you think it is too short. Regardless, it is the perfect dress to make you feel good.

BONUS: Styled for Work

This dress cost me $12 (on sale) and with the 5 looks I posted here, it cost me $2.40 per wear. In reality, if I read through all the options I posted on how you can wear this dress, it would actually cost me $.0026 per wear (that might be a made up number but I am sure I am close).

When finding pieces in the store, figure out how you can get the most use out of it to get the best bang for your buck. I love showing you how to style a piece multiple ways. If there is anything you would like to see, please let me know. For more fashion inspiration, follow me on Instagram @SimplyStyledCloset.



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