Can I Wear That? Styling 1 Dress for 3 Different Ages & Body Types

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Can I wear that? A question I am often asked. It can be to borrow something in my closet or if an outfit is "age appropriate" to wear. Turn this question into something fun to do with your girls or girlfriends to get a little style inspiration. Take a shopping trip in your closet or to your local thrift store and see how you each would style pieces.

My girls are as different when it comes to their personal fashion styles. To answer the "can I wear that" question, I thought it would be fun to take one dress and all of us style it how we would wear it. With different ages and body types, it would be a unique style challenge for us. Fashion can be ageless, your girls can wear your things and you CAN wear something your daughters would, it's all about how you style it. Do you wear the same outfit over and over? Ask your girls or girlfriends how they would style it differently, it's always good to get a new perspective on a look plus it creates a really fun mom & daughter (or girlfriends) day.

We chose to hit our local Goodwill to find our piece. To add to the fun, we opted to find something that was NOT our style to see how we could make it our own with accessories. This dress stood out of the rack with its bold colors and multi-prints, it was a button-down and would work for all of us, in the cart it went.

This dress looked pretty sad and baggy on the hanger, after looking it up online, I was actually surprised to find that this brand of dress retails between $250-$500!

If you choose to shop your closet instead of purchasing, look for the pieces you have but never wear? What is the issue that keeps you from wearing them, and why do you keep it? Ask your girls/friends how they would fix the issue you have with it. It might surprise you that the issue you think is there might not be at all or is easily fixed by adding different accesories to take the eye away from the problem areas.

For this piece the issue was that it was too baggy for my taste, I wore it as a regular dress, the fix was easy, a belt is your best style friend! It's amazing what it alone can do to transform a baggy garment. I was also not a super fan of the loud print, so I chose a statement necklace and gladiator boots to help give the eye something else to be drawn to.

My youngest daughter has more of a country style, the "quilt block" pattern she saw in the dress made it an easy transition from my style to her. She wanted it to be casual and wore it as a duster, pulling out the blue in the print by pairing it with a navy cami and dark wash jeans, and cowboy boots.

My eldest daughter likes a boho/hippie style, she chose to button it right at the chest and left the rest open to highlight a blue tank dress underneath to make it more of the focus, she added a rope belt, large floppy hat, and chunky ankle boots.

The dress was glam, country, and boho all in one. it worked well for all of us, even though we each chose to style it differently. Sometimes all it takes is a different eye to give you new style inspirations.

We were all surprised by how cute the dress became with our own style stamps put on it. The answer to "can I wear that" is YES!!! All pieces are meant to be enjoyed, just look for ways to style them that fit your own fashion taste. Don't always judge a piece by your age, body type, or even how it looks on a hanger, accessories can transform the most lifeless piece into something fun and wearable! We so enjoyed doing this challenge together, I am sure we will do it again.

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