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Citrus Style

The lemon trend is here to help you “squeeze” all the joy you can out of summer! The fashionable fruit motif is sure to add fresh-squeezed fun to your day and zest to your style! Don’t lemons and yellow just say summer?! It’s such a happy print and seems to return each season, which I have to say I’m not “sour” about! Enough play on words…this is a print any age and size can wear and look summer chic!

Here’s Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C – C for Chic That Is…

We are in the full swing of summer in Illinois…super hot and super humid! I’m not complaining because for me the hotter the better. This lemon print romper is the perfect solution for those hot days! My criteria for rompers is easy on and off especially when thinking about frequent trips to the bathroom…LOL! Additionally, this romper has adjustable straps, which is a huge plus in my book. Lastly, it fits my torso. Finding rompers that aren’t too short can be a real challenge! To create more definition at the waist, I added a yellow belt. Green or white would also work well. Accessories complete the look. Large flower earrings and necklace are playful for summer! The peep toe lemon print shoes are borrowed from my mom! All in all this look is “easy peezy lemon squeezy”!

Lemon Print Romper
Romper: H & M Accessories: My Wardrobe Lemon Peep Toe Shoes: My Mom’s Closet Yellow Belt: My Closet

If you’d prefer to be able to wear a bra with straps vs. a strapless bra, you can simply add a tee or in my case, I’ve added a Halftee. To see a previous blog post on this great layering solution, click HERE. The Halftee allows me to wear my regular bra without adding a lot of bulk underneath. How cute are these lemon earrings and lemon wedge necklace?! The change in accessories switches the look and feel of this romper.

Lemon Earrings and Necklace: Cora’s Den Cora’s Den is a small family owned business in Arkansas. Love that they will customize items for you; and they have great service and delivery. I’ve been trying to support small business especially owned by women!

This lemon print romper can be worn casually and for many occasions. Being as we can only socialize outside it’s perfect for lunches or dinners out, family BBQ’s, date nights, etc.


Did you ever have a lemonade stand as a child? I had one with a neighbor boy. He was selling bags of popcorn; and I was selling lemonade. Actually, it looks more like Koolade in the picture. The perfect arrangement right?! People would eat the popcorn and be thirsty for Koolade. The only problem was that we lived at the very end of a dead end street. No one came down that far to even know we were having a sale. Plus if they did, they probably wouldn’t have seen us behind the bushes! As a young girl, it felt like we sat there all day long and not a single sale! Now I’m wondering why our parents didn’t tell us it probably wasn’t a good idea especially since this escapade most likely required their assistance! LOL

Lemon Print Shorts

High waisted paper bag shorts/pants continue to trend. In order to elevate the look of the shorts, I paired them with my Marc Fischer wedges and a light weight eyelet top. You could dress these shorts more casual by wearing a white, yellow or green tee and some flat sandals even some flip flops. Gold banana leaf earrings also add an element of dressiness to this look.

High Waisted Paper Bay Shorts: H & M Eyelet Top: Kohl’s Marc Fischer Wedges: My Closet
Lemon Print Top

Not all lemon prints are the same and many have varying colored backgrounds. Depending on your size you might want a smaller print. Because I am tall (5’8″) and average build, I can pull off larger prints. If you’re more petite, large prints can overwhelm so go for smaller prints like this top. This top can easily be worn with navy blue shorts, denim shorts, white pants, navy blue pants, yellow jeans…and the options go on and on.

Lemon Print Top: My Closet (Loft) White Scalloped Shorts: My Closet (Loft)
Lemon Print Accessories

Maybe prints aren’t your thing. You can always get in on the trend by adding in accessories like my Cora’s Den jewelry, or a lemon purse, shoes, etc. Don’t let prints put a wedge (see what I did there) between you and the lemon print trend! This striped dress is a perfect example of how to add the lemon trend without going overboard. All I’m missing is a cute lemon wedge cross body bag!

Striped Dress: Loft Neon Yellow Sandals: Amazon
Over 80 Styling Featuring My Mom

Since I borrowed my mom’s shoes for this post, I thought it would be fun to include her. She was more than eager to participate. My mom just turned 83 on July 16th. You know my motto: You’re never too old! If you love something and feel good in it, you should go ahead and wear it. If you exude confidence, that’s what everyone will notice.

My mom shopped her closet for her whole look! Yellow is super trendy right now so it’s easy to wear it and add lemon accents in your accessories or in this case, my mom’s lemon print shoes. Her linen top is Ralph Lauren. She layered it over a sleeveless white tunic and her white capris.

My mom got her purse on a girl’s road trip. We like that the black and polka dot/paisley print pop against the pale yellow and white. Her jewelry was from a vacation to Door County, Wisc.

Hats are a constant in my mom’s wardrobe! She wears them often, which causes her to confidently stand out in a crowd. As she put this hat on, she wanted to make sure I knew that this is exactly how she’d wear it. I already knew that…LOL! Accessories always complete a look!

My mom wanted to point out the criss cross detail on her capris at the ankle. She likes details just like I do! Here are the cute lemon print shoes. They’ve been in her closet so long that she doesn’t remember where she got them. Mom and I enjoy sharing shoes and jewelry!

Chicago Midlife Influencers Wear Lemon Print

FTF loves to feature friends and share their styles. Here are some of the Chicago Midlife Influencers and how they wore the lemon print trend. If you aren’t already following them, you’ll probably want to do so!

Over Fifty and Blessed
Michelle of Over Fifty and Blessed
Michelle of Over Fifty and Blessed
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Linda of Lglamor
Evlolving 50
Lisa of Evolving.50
Lisa of Evolving.50

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Hope this post didn’t “sour” you to the idea of wearing lemon print! What was your favorite style? Do you have a particular print that reminds you of summer? Leave us a comment! We love to hear from you!

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