One Midi Dress: 20 Ways to Wear It

In this lookbook, I’m going to be styling a beautiful midi-dress summer all the way through, and I’m also going to try and hit a whole bunch of different scenarios. My focus here is on slow fashion with a heavy focus on minimalism - using and loving what we already have and making smart shopping decisions to create a closet full of pieces that we actually love and wear. Let’s get started!

Style a midi dress

Daytime elegance

Let the beauty of the dress shine by pairing it with a simple belt, a pair of flats, and a shoulder bag. Gorgeous silhouette, gorgeous girl.

Styling a midi dress


Accentuate your waist with a wide belt and add a pair of pointy-toe heels for a feminine look. Keep accessories simple with a gold pendant and a little leather bag.

How to style a midi dress

Weekend casual

Make the most out of the dress by doubling it up as a skirt. Put a t-shirt on top, and you’ve just created a whole new look. Use a wide belt to define the waistline, and you’ve got a casual and flattering outfit.

Basic midi dress style

Summertime street inspired

For a different t-shirt look, throw on a white tee and knot it at the side for a defined waistline. A baseball cap and a pair of white sneakers are perfect for roaming the streets.

How to wear a midi dress

50’s diva

Tie a bow around your ponytail and throw a cardigan on over your shoulders to revive the past with this 50’s inspired look. 


A knotted white shirt on top of the dress creates a fresh, feminine, and flirty look. Add a pair of open-toed heels and some hoop earrings to radiate confidence.

Casual chic

Keep it casual with a simple white knitted sweater, a pair of metallic flats and a cute leather bag. Throw a denim jacket on top if it gets a little chilly.

Work chic

Let’s upgrade that white sweater by belting it and pairing it with a pair of pointy-toe heels. Now you’re ready to sign that business deal.

Parisian inspired

Channel Parisian vibes with a Breton top and a scarf tied elegantly around the neck. Accentuate your waist with a simple leather belt. J'adore cette tenue!


Dreaming of boating along a quiet, gently meandering river? Dress the dream with this nautical-inspired outfit. Achieve the look with a Panama hat, a striped sweater, and some low heels.

At work 2.0

Be a boss lady by pairing your dress with a blazer and a pair of heels. A silk scarf knotted at the neck is the perfect accompaniment.


Double up your scarf as a belt by tying it around your waist. Dress up your v-shaped neckline with some precious necklaces.


Go for a Western-inspired look with a pair of cowboy boots and a blue shirt knotted at the waist. A timeless look that never gets old.

Winter professional

Pairing a gorgeous dress with a blazer is always the right thing to do. A chic double-breasted black blazer is perfect for winter, paired with sheer black tights and heels. Finish off the look with a scarf tied around the neck.

Color blocked

Add some color with this vibrant outfit. Contrast the turquoise against a bright yellow and cardinal red for a fun and playful look. 


Throw on a leather jacket and some knee-length boots for some edgy vibes. A pair of shades is the ultimate accessory for this look.

70’s layers

Layer up with a denim jacket and a faux-fur vest to create a snuggly textured look. This outfit says 70’s diva all over. 


Who doesn’t want to be enveloped by a warm snuggly scarf? Bundle up with an oversized knitted sweater and some warm ankle boots. A roomy leather clutch bag will give you adequate space to store all your possessions inside.

Disney princess inspired

Add a flouncy petticoat underneath the skirt and some pointy-toe heels to feel like a Disney princess. We all need to feel like a Disney princess once in a while, right?

Minimal evening

Get dressed up to go out for dinner with some killer chandelier earrings, a pair of silver heels, and a clutch bag. Wear your hair slicked back for a sophisticated look.

Wow! Would you have known just how far one dress can go? We can create so many gorgeous outfits from just one piece of clothing. All it takes is a little imagination and a lot of experimenting. I hope you like the looks that I’ve put together as much as I do - which outfit do you like the best?

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