Red Lace Dress - 2 Ways

If there’s 2 things that scream Valentine’s Day to me it’s the color red, and lace. But don’t get it twisted, and get your head out of the gutter! I’m specifically talking about this red lace dress that I rented from Nuuly. Based on the reviews, I was a little worried about ordering it as part of my shipment. But it fit perfectly and was even more stunning in person. The red is so rich, it’s hard not to turn heads. I loved this red lace dress so much I actually wore it multiple times. Not just one way, but two. Sure you can certainly style a single dress many different ways. But I went one step further and took some temporary alterations into my own hands. At the end of it, people were questioning, “has she worn this dress before?”

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This red lace dress really doesn’t require much to stand out. You could even wear it barefoot and everyone would still be just as captivated by it. While I tried to keep the styling minimal, I just can’t pass up a good bow moment. So when I wore this dress the first time, I placed an oversized bow in my hair. I loved the way it looked from behind, but I wanted the bow to have it’s own moment to shine. In came the temporary alterations.

As I took off the red lace dress the first time and removed my hair bow, I realized just how perfect a match they were together. Whether the bow was in my hair or not. The longer I stared at the two laying on the bed the more I wanted the bow to have a moment that was front and center. So I took out a safety pin, and pinned it to the front of the dress. Instant glam! Adding the bow to the front of the dress just took it to the next level. And it wasn’t invasive at all. Talk about making the most of a rental!

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