6 Fabulous Ways to Style a Dress

Wendy Herrera
by Wendy Herrera

I love an easy dress style! Something versatile, fun, and trendy is what I aim for! I will give you some trendy style inspiration in today's tutorial as I show you how to style a dress. You can style a dress with whatever you have in your closet, really- even if it's a printed dress like mine! Join me as I show you the fun and playful ways you can style a mini dress. Let's do this!

How to style a dress

Simply fantastic

I'm starting off with the simplest look, just to show you how less can be more. This is a minimal look. All I did was accessorize my checkered dress with a black bag and cute black heels. That's all there is to it, ladies! Simplistic yet sophisticated! Talk about an easy dress style.

Styling a dress

Leather Love

I took the previous up a notch by wearing a plain black leather jacket. I styled my hair in a fun and wild hairstyle. Since this look reminds me of a biker's style, I decided to accessorize the outfit with a pair of sultry black sunglasses. To tie the whole look together, I wore a skinny black belt. As for the shoes, I opted for an ankle-high heel boot.

Easy dress style

Everyday sweetheart

This one is one of my favorites! It's an amazing ensemble to wear every day; it's playful and cute, not to mention super comfy, thanks to the white Nike sneakers. So, basically, I wore a long-sleeved, black body-tight shirt under my dress. I paired my printed mini dress with a cute small black backpack, kind of giving it the school vibe, too.

Dress style

Night Out Diva

Where I live, nighttime is always a little bit chilly, so I wore a thick, black corduroy coat to go with this dress style. I tied a black, wide belt around my waist for extra dimension and finished off this look with thigh-high black boots. The boots not only add a little warmth but also look sexy and sassy! This look is sleek, whack, and elegant all at the same time, and I love it!

How to style a mini dress

Stay Casual

If you want to dress down, then this is the ideal look! I threw on a graphic t-shirt ( black and white, so it matches the print of the dress). Then, I tucked it under my stunning studded belt and wrapped it around, so it stays in place. My favorite piece about this skirt is the fanny pack; it's just so trendy and gives the whole outfit a snazzier look. I am wearing a pair of black and white sneakers and white socks, keeping the theme throughout the outfit!

Style a mini dress

Color Pop

So, all these outfits are basically black and white, but I decided to take a bolder step and add a pop of color to the easy dress style. Here, I accessorized my mini dress with a red bag. I complimented my red bag with a cute red headband, and of course, a red lip doesn't hurt either! This is a totally fun outfit, and I love this ensemble, especially the white sneakers that tone down the vibe. It really is a great idea to add a pop of color to something monotonic, do you think?

There you have it, six quick, simple yet fashionable ways to style a mini dress. This style guide was super fun, and I enjoyed putting all these amazing outfits together. Now you can go out and rock it, girl!

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