6 Fabulous Ways to Style a Teddy Coat

I wanted to showcase how many different ways there are to style a teddy coat. The definition of a teddy coat is one that is plush, fuzzy-looking, and super cozy. Most are made out of faux fur and some are even colorful.

Quote of the day: “Spend as little time as possible chasing other people’s preferences instead of your own.” unknown

1-Wear it with jeans

2-Styled with joggers

3-Work appropriate

4-It’s great with leggings

5-Teddy coat and skirt

6-More on my blog with myself and then another example with my mother (who is in her 80's)

In case you are worried that if you style a teddy coat, then you’ll look bigger, I hope you read that quote again. The idea that we should be a certain size is absolutely silly.

Coat: Naomi & Ruth ~~ Pants: Kancan Jeans~~ Boots: Cecelia New York (won in a giveaway)~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o~~ Purse: No label

1-Wear it with Jeans

I think this is the easiest way to style your teddy coat if you consider that the fuzzy style is casual. And when I say wear it with jeans, all colors of jeans could work even with the pink teddy coat. Blue jeans and white jeans would look just as fabulous.

I would point out that since I’m wearing two solids with the black jeans, I tried to add interest with the metallic ankle boots AND my earrings.

Coat: Naomi & Ruth ~~ Pants: Naomi & Ruth ~~ Top: thrifted~~ Shoes: ~~ Scarf: Gibby’s~~Glasses: Glasses ShopGSHOT35 for 35% off

2-Style a Teddy Coat with Joggers

I wasn’t sure about the jogger pant trend at first until I found some that were more interesting than just black ones. This satin pair you first saw when I talked about layering with a vest. I’m a firm believer that the more texture in an outfit, the better, so I love the combination of the fuzzy jacket and silky smooth joggers.

With this outfit, I added an olive green top and matching shoes to the pink and cream combination. These shoes have been in my closet for over 10 years.

Again all of the pieces are solid colored so I added a scarf that I braided to look more like a necklace. Here is the short video showing how to braid the scarf this way.

BTW, this scarf is one of Gibby’s scarves that are made of swimsuit material. That means the material stretches wonderfully. Use my code, Jodie20 to make them, even more, budget-friendly.

Notice I didn’t just wear the braided scarf alone. I added another necklace to the mix too.

Coat: Naomi & Ruth ~~Pants: Target~~ Top: Zara~~ Boots: thrifted~~ Socks: Sheec socks~~ Glasses: Zenni Optical

3-Work Appropriate

The idea to style a teddy coat may not seem like something appropriate for work. Yet it all depends on your work environment. Besides, I can wear my work pants for casual days also.

I decided to wear these pants with a colorful print shirt and pink ankle boots. In a way, I am print mixing since the boots are color-blocked and the top is an abstract print.

My eyeglasses were chosen to fit in with the turquoise color of the pants and earrings.

Insider tip: These boots were secondhand, and I noticed that the sole of the heel was missing on one when I purchased them. Therefore, I asked if they could reduce the cost since I would have to have them re-soled after I bought them.

I did get them for a couple of dollars less than what they were marked. My motto? It never hurts to ask.

Coat: Naomi & Ruth ~~ Leggings: ~~ Boots: Jambu c/o ~~ Socks: Sheec socks ~~ Glasses: Glasses ShopGSHOT35 for 35% off

4-Teddy Coat with Leggings

Even though this particular jacket is short, I felt entirely comfortable wearing it with this pair of fleece-lined leggings. Many leggings are not much different than skinny jeans in their silhouette, so it’s definitely a personal preference.

The leggings are made up of tan, red, and blues, yet I think the pink lightens the look wonderfully. My boots are my lug brown ankle boots that I styled 5 different ways earlier this fall.

Coat: Naomi & Ruth ~~Skirt: from Fashom box~~ Boots: thrifted~~ Earrings: Alison + Aubrey ~~ Socks: Sheec socks ~~ Glasses: Glasses ShopGSHOT35 for 35% off

5-Teddy Coat and Skirt

The teddy coat is a perfect match with a skirt also. This embroidered skirt was a piece from my first ever Fashom box. It surprised me SO much that I enjoyed using an online clothing box since I like to shop. Yet, it goes to show that everyone can benefit from these services from time to time.

Part of the advantage of the clothing boxes is they can have items that are more unique and original than what you see in the stores you visit.

Insider tip: I prefer Fashom because it’s more budget-oriented for my tastes. In fact, if you use my code, you can get $20 off any piece you decide to keep. Want more information about these clothing boxes? I compared 3 of them here.

With the skirt, I decided to style metallic bronze boots. The earrings are one of the rare black pairs of earrings I have. Since they are black and gold, I think they work better with my wardrobe. Black is not my best color so I try to limit it in my closet.

Insider tip: Do you see the black material hanging below the skirt? It’s because I’m wearing this skirt over a black dress. You can see it in this post here about how you can wear a short skirt modestly.

6-Check out an entirely different way to style the teddy bear coat on my blog.

Don't you think they are so versatile??

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  • Zoe Emiko Zoe Emiko on Jan 16, 2022

    I've been making Teddy Coats this last fall & winter from beautiful throws. Some are lined & some not depending on the throw I use & how warm I want it to be. Not only is there enough fabric to make the coat from each throw but enough left over to make a beanie or ear warmer headband & depending on pattern matching a pair of slippers or warm cowl. I made my pattern from a polar fleece coat I'd so well loved for years it was finally seeing it's better days.

  • Jodie Filogomo Jodie Filogomo on Jan 17, 2022

    OMG...that's such a fabulous idea Zoe. I hope you have shared that here on Upstyle. I'll have to look for it!!