How to Style a Beige Blazer in 18 Fabulous Ways

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Here, I’m going to show you how to style a beige blazer in a whole bunch of different ways.

I’ll be styling it for various different seasons and scenarios, so if you want to be hit with some styling inspiration, read on.

How to style a beige blazer

1. Basic

You can’t go wrong with a pair of denim jeans, a white t-shirt and a timeless blazer.

The brown boots match the color of the blazer perfectly and help to tie the look together.

How to style a beige blazer

2. Italian inspired

Elevate the look by switching out the boots with a pair of leather loafers, belting the waist and adding a stylish silk scarf around your neck.

How to style a beige blazer

3. Summer uniform

For me, when the sun comes out, my legs come out too.

A striped t-shirt adds some subtle interest to the look in the form of a basic pattern.

Oh and don’t forget the sunglasses.

How to style a beige blazer

4. For when the weather is confused

Hot? Cold? Windy? Wet?

For when the weather can’t make its mind up, cover all bases with a pair of shorts, knee-high boots and a cozy sweater.

Have the sleeves of your sweater peeking out from under your blazer for an added touch of style.

How to style a beige blazer

5. Back-to-school vibes

If you’re feeling nostalgic about your school days, you can recreate the look with a black mini skirt and a striped sweater with a blazer on top.

All the fun of back-to-school dressing without actually having to go back to school!

How to style a beige blazer

6. Texture play

Ignite your senses with a silky smooth skirt and a textured knit sweater.

You don’t need any bold patterns or accessories when the textures alone bring so much to this look.

How to style a beige blazer

7. Monochrome column

You’d be hard-pressed to find something more elegant than a monochrome white outfit.

The beige blazer adds a touch of warmth to the cool, making it perfect for colder weather.

How to style a beige blazer

8. Cardigan layers

Did you know that you could wear your cardigan as a top?

You do now, and boy does it look stylish. Keep it classy with a pair of pointed-toe heels.

How to style a beige blazer

9. Sporty ease

If you’re struggling to decide whether to go for something casual or a bit more dressed-up, you can combine both of the aesthetics in one look.

Pair sneakers and jeans together with a shirt and a blazer.

How to style a beige blazer

10. Canadian tuxedo

Denim on denim is an overlooked gem.

Opt for two different shades of denim, and you immediately have yourself a trendy look.

Match your blazer with your boots to finish it off.

How to style a beige blazer

11. Feels like France

For a French slash equestrian feel, throw on a pair of skinny jeans and tuck them into a pair of knee-high boots in the same color.

This will elongate your legs, and it looks great with a blazer.

How to style a beige blazer

12. Cozy layers

Snuggle up by adding some cozy faux fur to your look.

A furry scarf or collar around your neck will not only keep you warm but will also take your outfit up a notch.

How to style a beige blazer

13. Two jackets

Why settle for one jacket when you can wear two?

If you’re a believer of more is more, throw on a denim jacket over your blazer to add a beautiful contrast of fabrics, colors and silhouettes. 

How to style a beige blazer

14. Tonal (aka faux suit)

Do you know what’s better than a gorgeous blazer? A matching pair of dress pants.

They don’t have to actually be part of the same set, but if you have a pair of pants in the same shade, you can create a beautiful faux suit outfit.

How to style a beige blazer

15. Belted

Show off that skinny waist by wrapping your blazer and adding a belt over the top.

A brown leather blazer complements the beige jacket perfectly, and so does the V-neck t-shirt underneath the neckline of the blazer.

How to style a beige blazer

16. At work

For a look that is not only office-appropriate but office-amazing, pair some flared black pants with some heels to create the illusion of super-long legs.

Throw on a shirt, a belt, and a blazer, and you’re good to go.

How to style a beige blazer

17. A bit of edge

Want to channel those rock vibes and look a bit more alternative?

A leather mini skirt with some biker books and sheer black tights is what you’re looking for.

How to style a beige blazer

18. It's giving 70s

Head back a few decades in time with some flared black pants and a black top with a deep-V neckline.

You could also opt for a black jumpsuit instead. Pointed-toe white shoes and your trusty beige blazer complete the look.

How to style a beige blazer

There we have eighteen different ways that you can style a beige blazer for all manner of different occasions.

Whatever your personal aesthetic, I hope you’ve seen something here that you like and can try to replicate for yourself!

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