The Prettiest Pink Birthday Dress

Hilary Kutik
by Hilary Kutik

It's Capricorn Season!!

Where are all of my Capricorns at?

I would describe Capricorns as the following:

1)Hardworking- Always to the point where it can almost be kinda “bad.”

2)We always feel like we need to be doing something.

3)When we aren’t doing something, we feel guilty so it’s a cycle.

4)We are deep thinkers… some people may even think we look “rude”’at times… but most likely we are deep thinking at that moment.

4)We love hard… but once u hurt us we won’t forget or let you get too close to us ever again.

5)We are “organized messy people.” I said what I said. Lol

6)We love animals & everything nature.

7)We don’t like to waste time.

8)We are often 2-3 steps ahead of a thought that you may of just had ( or maybe that’s just my anxiety ).

9)We make things happen!

10)At times we can act as if nothing is wrong when in reality we just need a long hug.

Anyone agree?

Anyways, lets get to it...I am so excited to share this beautiful amazon find with you all.

First off, if are wondering....yes, I did throw myself my own "Birthday Picnic." I have a hard time with allowing people to do things for me...its something I struggle with & I will be working on in 2022.

Anyways, how beautiful is this dress?

The sequins detailing around the bust and arms is STUNNING & it isnt itchy!!

My skin is sensitive so if anything makes me feel itchy at all...its a no for me.

To shop this look, click here.

I am barefoot at this picnic but this dress would look beautiful with a unique pair of silver heels or if you want to keep it a bit simple, a pair of black heels would look beautiful too.

The ruffles on this dress are such a flattering and fun little extra to this dress. As you can see...the ruffles make the prettiest pictures.

THe waist detail allows for a super flattering look. The length of this dress is not too short & it is a mini dress.

For reference, I am a 5 ft 10 and a 36DD. I am wearing a size large in this dress & had plenty of room to move and twirl and enjoy some cupcakes!

*I would stick to your true size on this dress & to my ladies who have larger busts, this dress will work for you all too ( you may want to use some boob tape and I will link this for you all below too).

To shop this look,click here.

Who loves accessories?

This dress has enough detail on it so you really only need something small & delicate.

Headbands are ALWAYS a go to fashion accessory. PINK PINK PINK! Pairing this pink & sparkly dress with a pink headband gives off major Princess Vibes.

To shop this look click the link here.

I have included other sparkly & birthday party dresses as well in the link mentioned above.

Also-as mentioned in most of my other posts, the jewelry that I am usually wearing is from Kc Chic Designs & code Kissthisstyles will always save you 25% OFF.

As always, I hope you have found this blog post to be helpful & a fun and stress-free read.

Happy Birthday to all of my Capricorn Queens out there!

Love always wins,



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