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On a day full of love you shouldn’t have to worry about what you’re wearing! In this lookbook, I share some gorgeous Valentine’s Day outfit ideas. Whether you have a big date night planned or you’re just hanging out with some friends, I’ve got you covered. Love is definitely in the air with these Valentine’s Day looks!

Cute Valentine’s Day outfits

Outfit 1 

For my first outfit, I really wanted to incorporate the color red! I love that in this look, I am wearing a red tank top and belt but the color is not too overpowering. I paired the tank top with a pair of high waisted jeans and added nude kitten heels to the look. I love this outfit because it is not over the top and can be worn throughout the day. 

Add a fluffy jacket

If it’s a little cold, you can always layer the outfit with a jacket. This jacket is so soft and works perfectly with the outfit. 

Stylish Valentine’s Day outfits

You can always switch out the fluffy jacket for a denim one. This definitely adds a little bit of edge to the look. I am a big fan of denim on denim and I think the outfit with the denim jacket would look amazing with a pair of red boots!

Wear an all-black outfit

Outfit 2 

This next outfit is definitely more of a night-out look. It is perfect for a Valentine’s date night! I am wearing a one-shoulder, black top with black leather pants and nude heels. You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit! This look is chic and sophisticated. This top adds a lot of interest to the look and the leather is the perfect way to add a different texture to an all-black outfit.

Valentine’s Day outfits for women

To keep warm and still look as sophisticated as ever, a black blazer is a great addition to this outfit. The blazer makes this outfit more refined and gives it some added structure as well. 

Wear a flowy dress

Outfit 3 

If you want to be comfortable but still look cute, this Valentine’s Day outfit is perfect for you! This dress is so flowy so no matter how many chocolate-covered strawberries you eat, you will still feel good in this outfit! 

Valentine’s Day outfit ideas

Sometimes when I wear a dress that is too flowy, my waistline can get lost. Adding this denim jacket to the outfit helps bring back some shape. 

Keep it casual

Outfit 4

This next Valentine’s Day outfit is a little more casual. I am wearing a pink long sleeve top, velvet maroon pants, and my pink Nikes. This is a great outfit for a stay at home Valentine’s because it is just so comfy. 

Roll up the pants

Another way to wear this outfit is to roll up the pants. I think this way adds a bit of height and makes for a more sporty look. 

Wear a feminine look

Outfit 5 

This next outfit has a really nice, feminine feel to it. I am wearing a white blouse with a bow at the top, a pleated velvet skirt, and black heels. This is one of my favorite skirts and I thought it would be the perfect piece to wear on Valentine's Day. You can’t say no to a skirt that’s fun to twirl in!

Wear a long dress

Outfit 6 

This is an outfit that would be perfect for a picnic or any outdoor Valentine’s date. This dress has a beautiful, floral print and I added a belt to help define my waist. I love long dresses and I find them so comfortable to wear. 

Casual Valentine’s Day outfits

Outfit 7 

If you find that wearing a dress feels a little too formal, you can always dress it down by wearing a T-shirt underneath and adding some sneakers. This is a perfect day time look, for Valentine’s, without looking too dressed up. 

Cute outfits for Valentine’s Day

If you are looking to get dressed up for Valentine's Day, wearing this dress on its own is perfect! I made sure to switch out the sneakers for my nude kitten heels. I love the subtle detailing on this dress! It is perfect for date night! I would love to hear which of these outfits you would wear this Valentine’s Day! Let me know in the comments below! 

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