How to Make a Cute DIY Valentine's Day Outfit (For You & Your Dog!)

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This is an amazingly easy Valentine’s Day DIY outfit tutorial! Follow along to make a simple Valentine’s Day outfit with an old sweater from your closet or thrift shop.

There’s even a no-sew option if you don't have a sewing machine. Let's get in the mood for love!

Tools and materials:

  • Old oversized solid-colored sweater
  • Old solid-colored skirt or pants
  • Scrap red fabric
  • Iron-on adhesive
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine and thread (optional)
My sweater before

Paper heart templates

1. Make heart templates

You can find simple heart shapes on the Internet to use as templates. Print and cut out hearts in three different sizes.

Tracing the hearts onto fabric adhesive

Place your fabric adhesive on your worktable, with the adhesive side down and the paper side up. 

Tip: fabric adhesive comes in different types and using one that has some stretch to it will work best for this project.

Ironing the adhesive onto red fabric

2. Make adhesive fabric hearts

Trace your hearts onto the paper side of the fabric adhesive. I traced four hearts in each size for my DIY Valentine’s Day outfit. 

Cut out the hearts from the adhesive. You don’t actually have to cut out each heart individually, because next you will be transferring the templates to your red fabric and cutting out the hearts from that fabric anyway.

Place the hearts on the wrong side of your red fabric, adhesive side down, and iron them onto the fabric. The heat from your iron will activate the adhesive so the hearts adhere to the fabric.

How to make a simple Valentine's Day outfit

Now, cut out all of the hearts individually from the fabric.

Peeling the adhesive paper off the heart

Peel the adhesive paper off the fabric. There will now be adhesive on the wrong side of your fabric, but it won’t be sticky until more heat is applied.

Making a red and white Valentine outfit

3. Attach the hearts

Place the hearts, adhesive side down, on your sweater in any pattern you like. If your old sweater has some little holes or stains, you can be cleverly strategic about where you place the hearts!

Once you are happy with your pattern, pin the hearts in place. You can put hearts on both the front and back of your sweater if you want.

Placing a towel inside the sweater

Put a towel inside your sweater to create a barrier between the front and back of your sweater.

Ironing the Valentine hearts to the sweater

Iron each heart onto your sweater individually, removing the pins from each one before you iron it. 

Sewing the heart to the sweater

4. Sew the hearts (optional)

If you want to make the hearts extra secure on the sweater, you can stitch around the edge of each one with red thread that matches the heart.

Tip: as you have to turn the sweater to get around the corners of your hearts, make sure the needle is down in the fabric before you raise the presser foot on your sewing machine.

Attaching a heart to the denim skirt pocket

5. Make a coordinating piece

You can make more hearts and use the same process as you did with the sweater to add them to a skirt or pair of pants to make a coordinating piece for this Valentine’s Day outfit.

If your skirt or pants need some alterations before you upstyle it, watch the video from 5:08 to 6:25 to see how I altered and upstyled my denim skirt.

DIY Valentine's Day outfit

DIY Valentine's Day outfit tutorial

This easy DIY Valentine’s Day outfit is so cute, you might want to keep going! Well, I actually did and ended up making a matching Valentine’s Day outfit for my dog!

DIY Valentine's Day outfit for a dog

Super cute just got even cuter! Leave a comment to let me know how your Valentine Day’s outfit turned out.

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Suggested materials:
  • Old oversized solid-colored sweater
  • Old solid-colored skirt or pants
  • Scrap red fabric
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